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American Kennel Club - About Buying a Dog
The AKC recognizes over 150 different breeds of dog, and each of these breeds has its own unique temperament, appearance, activity level and set of needs. You should do some serious and careful research to determine which breed of dog is right for you and your family.
American Kennel Club: Directory of Breed Rescue Groups
Comprehensive directory of AKC registered breed rescues by state can be a useful tool for those wanting to choose their dogs through the adoption process.
Best Family Dog
Help with choosing a dog, especially for families with young children. Large breeds list with breed recommendations, health, safety and grooming tips.
Searchable database of dog breed traits. Input desired dog traits and characteristics, and find breeds.
Buying A Puppy: What to Look For
Written by a breeder. Includes warning signs to watch for and questions to ask when purchasing a puppy to avoid unscrupulous breeder tactics.
Choosing a German Shepherd Puppy article, featuring tips and advice on choosing this top 10 US breed. Choosing the perfect German Shepherd puppy does require a great deal of time, effort and energy, but this investment will be well worth it before you acquire your dog.
Digital Dog: Choosing Your Dog
Article about the many considerations to think about before bringing a new dog into the household. Includes information about training, grooming, sleeping, feeding and activity levels.
Dog Obedience Training Review: Choosing a Dog Breed
Includes breed characteristics, health considerations and training information for the most popular American Kennel Club breeds.
Dog Paw Print- Choosing a Dog For Your Family
Includes information about how individual breed group characteristics fit with family personalities, a selection quiz for choosing a dog, ideas for dog names and dog coloring pages.
Dogs in Depth: Choosing a Dog For Your Lifestyle
Encyclopedia of world dog breeds with photos, information about these breeds, and a guide to help select the best dog breed for one's lifestyle.
Getting a Dog
Articles related to choosing, welcoming, and what to expect at your first veterinarian appointment- important considerations to think about before you get a puppy.
How To Do Things: How To Choose a Dog for an Apartment
Article that examines both the best types of dogs to choose for apartment living, as well as ones that are best to steer clear from if you live in a smaller living space in close proximity to other people.
The Humane Society of the United States: Choosing the Right Dog For You
Explains what to look for in both personal lifestyle and dog traits to ensure a good match. Includes tips for a successful shelter adoption.
K9 Web: Selecting a Dog Breed
A collection of articles and FAQs regarding dog breed selection.
Puppy Mills: Learn How to Avoid Puppy Mills when Choosing a Dog
What to look for when purchasing a dog, and what not to do. How to find a good breeder. Includes relevant questions to ask a breeder to ensure that your dog will be healthy and well-adjusted. a Breed - Selector Tool
Pulls suggested breeds from a database after a short online quiz is taken. After matches are shown,the tool allows up to four breeds to be compared.
Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test- Choosing a Puppy Based on Behavior
Explanation of the aptitude testing process and a printable test sheet. This procedure, created by Wendy and Jack Volhard attempts to ascertain whether a puppy's nature is going to be more passive or dominant by its behavior during the test.
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