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About: Just Cat Pictures
Guidelines for submitting photographs with links to galleries.
Absolutely Cats
Purebreds from different countries. Includes breed lists, articles, favorite breeds and names, standards and profiles.
Breeds of Cats
Photographs of various breeds with a unique way of displaying the images.
Cat Channel - Club Cat
A collection of pictures categorized by breed. Submit a photograph.
Cat Forum: Photos
Forum devoted to photographs of cats.
Cat Hobbyist: Gallery
Gallery allows users to upload their favorite pictures to the internet.
Cats Around The World
Photographs of exactly the same two cats posing in different parts of the world.
Cats by Don Lewis
Tips on photographing cats in natural settings by Don Lewis.
Cats of the World
Photo gallery by breed. Also includes funny items, wallpapers, felids photographs and pictures submitted by visitors.
The Cats of Witchcraft
Picture gallery published by Witches' Voice.
Cats'n'Kittens: Funny Cat Photos
Funny and cute picture gallery.
Cats: Four Legs and a Tail
Feline photographs from around the world.
Crazy for Kitties Photo Gallery
Feline photographs with guest book.
Curt Rich: Photographing Cats and Dogs
Photographic advice with film and digital cameras. Includes information on lenses and flashes.
Cute Cats
Come and check out these cute cats and send in a picture of your own kitty to be entered for the Cat Of The Month.
The Feline Cats
Galleries of cat pictures.
Flickr: Black Cat Brigade
Group for black cat photos. To dispel all of the myths associated with black cats.
Flickr: Calico and Tortishell Cats
All about calico cats, long or short hair, patchwork or tortishell, as long as they have 3 or more colors in their coat.
Flickr: Cat Portraits
Only shots from the face and head of a cat are allowed as portraits.
Flickr: Feral Cats
Pictures of feral cats and strays that make up the colonies in our neighborhoods, towns, and cities.
Flickr: Feral Cats and Kittens
Submit photos of feral cats and kittens found living wild. Also, photos of former feral cats and kittens who learned to become part of your life.
Flickr: Foto Cats
A group of cat lovers with cameras.
Flickr: I Love my Cat
A group for cat lovers all over the world. Share photos and stories in the forum.
Flickr: My Cat is Evil and he is Trying to Take Over the World
Group to share photo evidence of how cats really are set on world domination. Humor.
Flickr: Orange Cats
A group to share photos of orange tabby cats.
Flickr: Stray Cat Rules
A group for photos of stray cats only. No clean, tame cats and kittens for this group.
Flickr: Tabby Cats
Tabby (striped) cats in photographs.
Flickr: Tuxedo Cats
Photos of black and white cats only.
Funny Pictures Lady
Pictures by photographer Kat Caverly.
Got Cats Online
Pictures of various breeds.
The Infinite Cat Project
Photographs of cats watching other cats on computer monitors.
An Inquiry into Cats and Water
A photographic study into Edward's fascination with water.
Visitors can choose between two cats to decide which is the cutest.
Kush-ka: The Little Grey Kitty
Photographs and information about a cat named Kush-ka.
Obliquity: Cat Gallery
Collection of photos, caption competition, cat dictionary and poems.
The Online Cat Photo Contest and Gallery
Monthly online photo contest, e-mail postcards and games with guestbook.
Persian-Cats: Photo Gallery
Pictures of Persians from all over the world.
Photo Cat
Original galleries by Valentina Koulagina and Anatoli Krassavine. Formal, funny, glamour and character study photographs. Includes related links.
Rate My Kitten
Rate contributed photos and add your comments. How to Take Decent Cat Photos
Hints on photographing your pet.
Swap Meet Dave
Collection of over 200 funny cat and kitten photographs, videos, cartoons, animations and vintage comics. Includes related links.
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