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Bad Kitty
Part of the bad pets sites, this section offers cat humor, cat links, quizzes, photos, poems, and other insights into the feline world.
Band of Cats
Funny cat pictures, news, and stories as well as photos from our readers.
Cat Blogosphere
An impressive collection of daily news from cat bloggers around the web. Cat news, events, humor, and prayers
Cat Boxing!
Round after round and blow by blow of feline fighting! No cats are injured, just videos of a day in the life of co-habitating felines.
Cat Stuff Library
Stories, jokes, links, and cat humor galore.
Cat Wisdom 101
Photography, book reviews, and giveaways by holistic cat behaviorist Layla Morgan Wilde.
Funny cat photos, quirky musings, and cartoons about cats
Cats in Sinks
Photos of cats and kittens in sinks and basins.
Chairman Meow's Cat Blog
The wisdom of Chairman Meow, and his ongoing campaign to promote the Cat Revolution. Cat photo caption contests.
Crazy Cat Ladies Society and Gentlemen's Auxiliary
A site and boutique which uses humor to counter stereotypes about people who love cats.
The Daily Mews
Life in a multi-cat household. Humorous stories, expert advice, history, and subscription to e-mail update.
Daisy the Curly Cat
A photo-diary from Daisy, the Devon Rex cat. Cat fashions, funny cat tricks, and fun cat adventures.
Freddie Street Cats
Several funny stories and some interesting images.
Funny Cat Pix
Contains humorous captioned cat photographs.
Funny Cat Site
Funniest cat pictures and videos.
Gorbeh Persian Cat
Cat humor, jokes, and funnies, including quotations, translations, how to tell if your cat owns you, and cat rules.
The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee
A humorous blog written by cats named Charlene and Butterbean. Follow their daily feline adventures, complete with photos and commentary.
Live Nude Cats
A couple of felines pose for viewers' pleasure in a number of candid poses. Includes biographies and a message board.
Mean Kitty
A place for the not-so-sweet kitties on the internet.
My Cat Hates You
A collection of the internet's most ferocious housecats, and they aren't happy to see you.
Off the Mark Cat Cartoons
Collection of cartoons dealing the joy and challenge of belonging to a cat.
Stuff on my Cat
See pictures of cats with various items stacked on top of them.
Two Lumps
An ongoing comic about the adventures of Ebenezer and Snootch, two Russian Blues. Updates M-W-F. Forum, archives, FAQs.
United Cats
A practical and amusing guide to domestic felines, with an emphasis on animal rescue. Humor, facts, news, history, care, stories, spirituality, pictures, and resources.
What a Good Cat!
True little stories about everyday life with 3 Good Cats, and illustrated with our own cartoons.
Watch streaming videos and learn how cats and their human partners can attain a state of higher consciousness using Yoga.
The Zeus Excuse
A guide for homo sapiens written from the unique perspective of one American Classic Tabby

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