Websites of all-breed multipurpose cat clubs.

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Almost Heaven Cat Club
Supports responsible cat ownership, challenges restrictive legislation, and educates on pedigreed cats. Includes show information. West Virginia.
Bucks, Oxon and Berks Cat Society
A United Kingdom regional cat club providing shows within the named counties for all breeds. Provides breeder listings.
Capital Cats
Based in Australia and a CCCA affiliate body. Breeder and event listing, downloadable regulations.
Cats International
Includes the organization mission, news and advice on feline behavior problems and general tips on cat care.
Catz Incorporated
A New Zealand national Registry for pedigree cats and pet cats. Information on cat shows, genetics, cat breeds with cat photos.
The Dutch Purrpuss Club
CFA cat club in the Netherlands with information about shows, judges and breeds. Also includes entry forms.
Feline Fanciers of the Philippines, Inc.
An all-breed cat club in the Philippines. Member listings, some breed information.
Gold Coast Cat Club
Gold Coast, Queensland club affiliated with Queensland Feline Association.
Long Island Cat Fanciers
Dedicated to feline health and education. Provides monthly lectures by veterinarians.
The National Cat Club
Presentation of the club and of its history. Details of past and future shows, and directory of breeders.
New Hampshire Feline Fanciers
Not-for-profit CFA-affiliated club provides educational programs and sponsors shows to promote interest and knowledge of cats. Includes show schedules and events, a membership application and resources.
New Zealand Cat Fancy Inc
A New Zealand organization which offers information on cats as pets and for showing.
The Red, Cream and Tortoiseshell Cat Society
British color specific club for British Shorthair and Persian breeders. Show and registry information, health and cat fancy information.
South Ribble Pet Cat Club
Located near Preston and focused on the non-pedigreed cat. Information about its annual shows, charities, meetings, and events.
Southern Dixie Cat Club
CFA sanctioned club. Includes links to shows, local breeders and cat organizations in Richmond, Virginia.
Sunshine Cat Club
Established in Victoria, Australia in 1989. Holds annual all breeds show. Affiliated with the Feline Control Council.
Western Pennsylvania Cat Fanciers' Inc.
CFA affiliated all-breed cat club based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Includes show information, online entry, news, members directory and photos.

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