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Rescue organizations are involved with saving and often rehabilitating birds.

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A-Parrot to A-Flamingo, Inc., Parrot Rescue
Parrot and small cage bird rescue and adoption located in Brecksville, Ohio (Cleveland/Akron area). Registered "No-Kill" nonprofit shelter. An email interview starts the adoption process.
Avian Welfare Coalition
Network of representatives from bird rescues and shelters, humane societies, animal advocacy organizations, published research biologists, and veterinarians. List of participants, articles, news, and flyers and factsheets.
Beak n Wings, Inc.
Education, rescue and adoption. Club supplying and exchanging knowledge on humane breeding and raising of pet birds. Introduces the general public to the field of aviculture. Kansas.
Berkshire Bird Paradise Sanctuary
Sanctuary for disabled and unwanted birds. Information about the facility, programs, membership, and resident birds.
Bird HotLine
World wide lost and found bird hotline free on the net. Plus bird questions answered, vet talk and bird stories.
Feathered Friends Forever
Provides permanent home for unwanted birds, including those with short and long term care needs. Located south east of Atlanta, Georgia.
Fine Feathered Friends Sanctuary
Avian rescue, rehabilitation and adoption organization based in Edgerton, Wisconsin.
For the Love of Parrots Refuge Society
Canadian refuge for neglected and unwanted psittacines including parrots, macaws, cockatoos and various other exotic birds.
Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary
Registered non-profit society in Surrey, British Columbia, dedicated to exotic bird rescue, conservation, health and welfare.
Gulf Coast Exotic Bird Sanctuary
A registered nonprofit agency providing refuge and veterinary care for exotic birds that are unadoptable or whose previous owners would like them to live out their lives in a sanctuary environment. Located in Pearland, Texas.
Healthipet Network Corporation
A nonprofit rescue and no-kill shelter. Also assists avian and exotic animal shelters and rescues by establishing a national network for interstate adoptions.
Jojo the Grey Adoption and Rescue for Birds, Inc.
A non-profit organization dedicated to saving pet birds in need of a new home in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey.
Midwest Avian Adoption & Rescue Services (MAARS)
Serving the Minneapolis/St. Paul area of Minnesota and the Midwest, MAARS provides pet bird owner education and consultations, rescue, foster care, adoption, and sanctuary placement for all companion birds in need.
Nova's A.R.C.
Pennsylvania rescue center, specializing in the rescue of exotic birds.
The Oasis Sanctuary
Non-profit, permanent refuge for parrots which does not breed, sell or adopt-out birds. Provides a stable, and secure environment for unwanted, special needs, handicapped or retired birds.
Refuge for Saving the Wildlife, Incorporated
A not-for-profit parrot rescue, rehabilitation, adoption, sanctuary. Provides education to the public as well as investigates animal abuse/neglect.
Rhode Island Parrot Rescue
Providing avian rescue services, education and adoption from a base in Wakefield, RI.
TLC Bird Haven
A non profit sanctuary for exotic birds in a farm setting, with emphasis on quality of life.
The Tropics Exotic Bird Refuge
Dedicated to providing long-term care for handicapped and unwanted pet birds. Offers pre-scheduled tours. Includes mission, bird information, individual stories, and how to help. Kannapolis, North Carolina.
Under My Wing Avian Refuge
A 501(c)(3) non-profit no-kill bird shelter located in Franklin, New Jersey.
Wings of Hope
A New Jersey organization serving the tri-state area providing rescue, sanctuary, and adoption for birds and small exotic animals.
Wings of Love Bird Haven
Operates a nonprofit bird rescue facility in Texas that provides rehabilitation and rehoming services. Includes organization's profile, newsletters, testimonials, board member profiles, adoption fees, forms and applications.
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