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Apex Shark Diving
Worldwide locations reviewed for cage dives. Includes an article on finning and how to choose the best travel package.
Apex Shark Expeditions
A couple offering tours and cage diving in False Bay, South Africa. Offers information on the trips available and their television and documentary input. Sells photographs and includes blogs.
Bimini SharkLab
A field station in the Bahamas. Research information, blog, photographs and videos.
Discovery Channel's Shark Week
Includes interactive games and quiz along with expert shark attack answers.
Fiona's Shark Mania
Resources and information, including graphics and clip art, stories, links, and mailing list.
Gerber: Shark Gallery
Information on different species, Mediterranean species list and attack statistics. Illustrated with drawings.
International Shark Attack File
Offers a yearly worldwide summary and articles about contributing factors, prevention and odds.
A Masterpiece of Evolution - The Shark
Biology, stories, photos, and links.
Mote Marine Laboratory
Located in Sarasota, Florida and provides shark tank interactive camera, with information on sharks and other marine fish.
Natal Sharks Board
Service organisation that protects beach users in KwaZulu-Natal against shark attack. Site has information about shark attack-prevention and shark research.
Gives the scientific names and general information about the species to be found in the area. Also gives advice for fishing.
NOVA Online: Island of the Sharks
Information about sharks and sharkmasters.
OMG Sharks
Detailed information per species along with a list of known extinct prehistoric species. Gives statistics for attacks, tour operators offering cage diving, a picture gallery of teeth and a list of endangered species.
Shark Attack Data
A complete catalogue all known attacks, using data compiled by the Shark Research Institute.
Shark Attacks
Information about shark attacks with photos of victims and sharks. Shark attack news section and discussion board.
Shark Obsessed
General information, pictures and videos. Includes graphic attack pictures.
Shark Pix
Photographs of the Great White, taken by George T. Probst. Prints are also available to buy. Images shown with the photographer's commentary.
The Shark Research Institute
A non-profit, international, scientific organization dedicated to the conservation of sharks. The Institute provides consultants, speakers for schools, clubs and conferences, and serves as a resource for the media, providing slides, videos and data.
Informative articles about a host of sea creatures.
World of Sharks
General and species-specific information.
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