Non-scientific sites about bats. Especially watching, rehabilitation and amateur research.

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Contains basic information regarding the benefits of bats, use of guano as an attractant, bat house placement and maintenance, hibernation, and rabies.
Bat's Place
A personal collection of photographs and information.
Bats and Rabies
Information from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Bats of San Diego
Home to 22 species of bats, page provides photos, information and rescue contacts for the local species.
Bats, Why Should I Care?
Article for students and teachers, addressing their public image. Includes links to references.
Collection of bat related links, from an author in Denver, Colorado.
Carlsbad Caverns National Park: Bat Flight Program
Information for kids and teachers on population of bats, , with FAQ, news, cave tour guide, and conatcs in New Mexico.
Flying Foxes of Bellingen Island
Information about the colony of grey-headed flying foxes found on Bellingen Island, New South Wales.
Friends of Bats
Includes information about bats from a bat removal and rescue firm in Florida.
Hinterland Who's Who: Bats
Information from the Canadian Wildlife Service with a general introduction to the species of Canada.
Incredible Bats
Introduction to popular myths. Offering presentations featuring live Egyptian fruit bats, with contacts for pricing and availability at locations in Illinois.
Last Refuge: Vampire Bats
Article on blood-sucking Vampire Bats and the making of the film "Vampire" for BBC by the film producer Adrian Warren. Image gallery of bats and other wildlife.
Living With Bats
General information about the species in the state. Wildlife notebook article from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.
Louisiana Bats
Information and photos about the state's bats, with associated landscaping with native plants.
National Trust: Bats
Information on the eighteen species found in Britain, and those properties where they can be seen.
Nick's Bat Pages
A homepage with details of personal bat watching and resources for bat lovers. Based around Yorkshire, UK.
Northern Bats
Natural history of species wintering and hibernating in a bunker in the North East Vendsyssel. Includes conservation initiatives, locations, calendar, photographs, Flash slideshows, contact form [Danish/English]
Potential Effects of Global Change on Bats
Article by Michael A. Bogan, a Research Biologist of USGC, and Professor at University of New Mexico. Includes photograph, map, and resources .
Rainforest Bats
Feature on the large-eared horseshoe bat, and spectacled, black and little red species of flying fox, living in North Queensland, Australia.
Covers the bat disease and North America's response to it. Provides news, research projects, information for visitors to caves, and response plans by Canada and the United States.

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