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20th Century Castles
Offers information about decommissioned underground missile site properties. Includes photos and descriptions.
Abandoned & Little-Known Airfields
Information on vanished or abandoned airfields and little-known airfields with unusual histories. US locations.
Abandoned America
Collections of American ruins with hundreds of derelict buildings to explore. Matthew Christopher, architectural photographer.
Abandoned Mine Lands
This is an official U.S. Government website managed by the Bureau of Land Management.
Abandoned Missile Base VR Tour
This presentation will take you on a full tour of a decommissioned, abandoned underground missile complex.
Alaskan UE
Drains, steam tunnels, abandoned buildings, military leftovers and more in Fairbanks, Anchorage, Juneau and Sitka.
Photos of abandoned and active locations with a focus on exploring New York and the northeast United States.
American Urban Exploration
World-wide urban exploration, based out of the "Good Ol'" USA
American Urbex
Documents history of abandoned locations in the US.
Back Roads Journal
Sharon Day and Julie Ferguson exploring in the southwest, US.
BEG: Bangor Explorer's Guild
The guild of an explorer in Bangor who likes abandoned buildings, tunnels, drains and caves.
Below the Capital
Transit exploring in Washington, DC.
Carl Weese
Abandoned farm houses and drive in movie theaters.
Christopher Payne
Images of industrial ruins and vanishing building typologies. Subjects include asylums and substations.
Coal Fields of the Appalachian Mountains
Exploring abandoned coal mines.
Dead Malls
History and personal recollections of abandoned shopping malls in the USA.
Defunct Amusement Parks
A collection of defunct amusement park information, searchable by state, with history and photographs of some parks.
A collection of urban decay photographs from many several locations. US.
Flickr: Ghost Towns
Lost places, once inhabited towns and forgotten futures of the American Old West.
Flickr: Kentuckiana Haunted Places
For photos and comments on places that are known to be haunted or scary in and around Kentucky.
Flickr: Rust Belt
Show us your smelters, your open-hearth furnaces, your train tracks, your sulfur-burning, coal-fired plants, shuttered factories, and abandoned warehouses. Show us our cities, deserted streets and blighted neighborhoods. Show us the forgotten broad shoulders of industrial America.
Flickr: The Old West
Anything that reminds you of that yesteryear: barns, cattle, six shooters, hats, ranches, horses.
Forgotten Towns of the Eastern United States
Ghost towns and remains of towns and villages which are no longer populated. Locations east of the Mississippi River.
Tunnel explorers at the University of Arkansas, featuring illustrated expedition accounts.
Ghost Town Gallery
Pictures of ghost towns and historic places in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Idaho, Montana, Utah. Picture gallery, driving directions, historic information, maps.
Hey Bill Brown
Photos and descriptions of disused and abandoned urban facilities in the US. Still publishes Dreamwhip Zine as well.
Jordan Liles
Personal stories of historical exploration. Based in the US.
Kathryn Nee
Freelance photographer based in Atlanta, GA. Urban exploration and commercial photography.
Lifeless World Photography
A look at the world with the human element removed. Images by James Zaratin.
Lost and Forgotten Bridges of Arkansas - Flickr
Dedicated to lost, abandoned and forgotten Arkansas bridges. Many old bridges are in secluded places or rarely used.
Lost Destinations
The website for those who love to get "lost"- explore places abandoned, haunted, forgotten, spooky, unusual, mysterious, historical, mythical and unknown. Based in the US.
Lost Indiana
Contains information about abandoned buildings and places in Indiana.
Midwest Lost
Urban exploration and road geekery. Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and the midwest, US.
Modern Day Ruins
Dedicated to the not-so-forgotten abandoned places.
Modern Ruins
Photographs by Phillip Buehler.
National Register of Historic Places
Part of a national program to coordinate and support public and private efforts to identify, evaluate, and protect historic and archeological resources. Listings of historic and vacant places.
New England Ruins
Photography by Rob Dobi.
Only In Your State
Travel guides with unique, hidden, abandoned, creepy, and historical places. Viewable by individual US states.
A collection of histories, exploration accounts, and thousands of photographs of various abandoned structures in the United States and Europe. Features many derelict psychiatric hospitals and asylums as well as documenting abandoned prisons, large industrial sites, and other historical places.
Passionate Perspective Photography
Artistic photography in ruined places. US based. Candy Delaney.
Phoenix Trotting Park
A comprehensive history, photos, and bibliography of the Phoenix Trotting Park harness racing track in Goodyear, Arizona.
Preservation Online
The national, private organization chartered by Congress to encourage public participation in the preservation of sites, buildings, and objects significant in American history.
Shadows and Rust
Urban exploration photographs from the US.
Stealth Force Beta
A portfolio from a group of troublemaking explorers who once operated at New Mexico Tech.
Strange New England
Field guide to New England's legends, curious history and weird destinations.
Strange New England
A field guide to New England's legends, curious history and weird destinations. Exploration and dark tourism.
Uncharted Sights
A blog about urban exploration and photography of abandoned places. Colorado and Wyoming mainly.
Under City - Steve Duncan
An urban exploration, guerrilla historian and photographer. US based.
Underground Eureka Springs
Exploring the Eureka Springs underground tunnel system. Arkansas.
Underground Ozarks
A forum for discussing urban exploration in the Ozarks.
What's Left of Birmingham
WLoB is a photolog with an emphasis on urban decay, rural decomposition, and industrial relics. Based in Alabama.
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