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99 Rooms
A project of Kim Koester, Richard Schumann, Stephan Schulz and Johannes Buenemann. Walk through the sights and hear the sounds of a dilapidated structure.
Bill Hocker Photographs
Collection of industrial photographs.
Broken, bent, rusted, or worn
Post pictures of anything that has been modified from its original state, wether it be intentional, by nature, or accident.
Crazy Places
Underground, military, airfields, hospitals, tourist attractions, mines and other places from around the world.
Decayed Machinery
Photographs and drawings of derelict machinery.
Dylan Trigg: The Poetics of Decay
Resource for essays on decay, urban exploration and the aesthetics of urban ruins.
FFUrbex Fotografie - Flickr
Photo gallery with contributed images.
Flickr: Old, Rusty & Corroded
Photographs of old, broken, rusty things. Group began for vehicles but has grown to include anything.
Flickr: Abandon: The Secret Lives of Deserted Buildings
Photos which show the building acquiring a new character. Shots that are just straight documentary records of simple unoccupied spaces are not appropriate for this group.
Flickr: Abandonded Gas Stations
Rusty old gas pumps and abandoned gas stations.
Flickr: Abandoned
Places and things which have been abandoned.
Flickr: Abandoned Bicycles
Bikes abandoned by their owners.
Flickr: Abandoned Building Art
Photos and art found in and around abandoned buildings and houses.
Flickr: Abandoned But Not Forgotten
This group is about abandoned buildings in various areas. Note: website listed for this group redirects to a spam site but the Flickr link is good.
Flickr: Abandoned Cottages
Pictures of abandoned and lost cottages in the city, villages or countryside.
Flickr: Abandoned Farms
Photos of abandoned farms and other rural buildings in decay.
Flickr: Abandoned Furniture
Take photos of furniture you've come across on the street and submit them here.
Flickr: Abandoned Hotels
Abandoned and closed down hotels.
Flickr: Abandoned Places / Lugares abandonados
Photography group to share photos of abandoned places.
Flickr: Abandoned Places and Things
Sharing photos which show the interesting aspects of abandoned places, buildings and things.
Flickr: Abandoned Rooms
Empty (or nearly) rooms in abandoned houses.
Flickr: Abandoned to Time
Pictures of anything abandoned, mainly buildings. Rough, ransacked, dirty, torn-down, and messy.
Flickr: Abandoned Trolley Project
Supermarket trolleys (or carts) have a tendency to show up in the strangest of places.
Flickr: Abandoned Trollies
Abandoned supermarket carts, shopping carts or trolleys.
Flickr: Abandoned TVs
Photographing abandoned televisions and monitors.
Flickr: Abandoned, Neglected, Weathered, or Rusty
Anything old, neglected, abandoned, falling apart, or rusting.
Flickr: Abandonments
Photos of abandonment on a larger scale - abandoned factories, recreational facilities, stores, train stations.
Flickr: All Things Rusty
Rusted objects and places. Anything derelict, with a good coat of rust.
Flickr: Antiquity Abating
Snap a picture of an old building, house, farm or other structure, tag it with the location, and post it to this group. We may not be able to rebuild them, but we can remember them.
Flickr: Any Derelict Building
Any kind of buildings (outside/ inside): abandoned, derelict, uninhabited, empty, unoccupied, tumbledown, broken-down, ramshackle, run-down, ruined.
Flickr: aPeeling Paint
For images of peeling, weathered paint.
Flickr: Architecture of Old
A particular style or fashion of a building, especially one that is typical of a period of history or of a particular place.
Flickr: Art of Urbex
This group is more specifically aimed at urban exploration photography as an art form using light and or available elements in an artistic fashion.
Flickr: Asylums for the Insane
An exploration of mental hospitals, asylums and housing for the insane.
Flickr: Barns, Sheds and other Rustic Rural Buildings
Barns, sheds, smoke houses, dilapidated farm houses and other rustic and rural buildings.
Flickr: Battered Beauty
Beautiful things that are tattered, cracked, rusted, bruised, broken, burned, or busted in any way.
Flickr: Beautiful Decay
This group is intended to contain images that show decay in an aesthetic way.
Flickr: Beauty of Decay
Beauty in decaying buildings and their accessories.
Flickr: Beyond Repair
Anything so far beyond decay you know it isn't coming back.
Flickr: Bridges and Tunnels
This is a public group for pictures of bridges or tunnels.
Flickr: Broken Bicycles in the Streets
Broken and abandoned bicycles in photographs.
Flickr: Chairs at Abandonments
It's an eerie phenomenon, but there always seem to be an odd chair or something of that genre in abandonments. Only post chairs, sofas, benches and the such found in abandoned, desolate locations.
Flickr: Church Ruins
The group for church and chapel ruins. This can include ruined abbeys, priories, monasteries and friaries.
Flickr: Closed for Business
Shops, stores, restaurants, cafes, retail and public buildings, that have ceased business and are falling into a state of decay and rot.
Flickr: Condemned
Photos of houses, factories, buildings that are about to be burned or torn down.
Flickr: Construction and Deconstruction
Demolition of old buildings and construction of new places.
Flickr: Damage
Pictures of damaged items and places.
Flickr: Dams & Spillways
Collecting photographs of dams, spillways, and anything attached to them.
Flickr: Dead Malls & Vacant Retail
Pictures of abandoned retail facilities, inside and out.
Flickr: Death of the Service Station
Add your images to document the death of the service station, or to inject some optimism, add some hope with images demonstrating the restoration/ revival of it.
Flickr: Decayed yet Hauntingly Beautiful
Group to share photographs from decayed places which still have some beauty.
Flickr: Decaying
Anything decaying: urban, rural, industrial, or natural. Photos from around the world.
Flickr: Decaying Urban Artscapes
A collection of decaying urban wall textures, spontaneous guerilla art, fragments of political dissent and abstruse messages.
Flickr: Demolished Demolition Gone
Photos of buildings or significant structures, now demolished or removed since originally photographed.
Flickr: Derelict Light
Photos of light at the scene of an abandoned building or place.
Flickr: Dereliction
A group to share photos of all things old, rusty and derelict.
Flickr: Desecrated
A group to illustrate and protest the desecration/ vandalism of cemeteries.
Flickr: Desperate HouseLives
Photos of homes, houses and residences in all kinds of disrepair.
Flickr: Dilapidated Buildings
Post your photos of dilapidated buildings (residential or commercial).
Flickr: Dilapidated Houses
Old houses showing decay or breaking down.
Flickr: Dilapidation
Post all your images of dilapidated places. Anything fallen into a state of disrepair, neglect, decay or partial ruin.
Flickr: Doors
Photos of doors, mostly old, in rough shape or otherwise notable.
Flickr: Doors and Windows in Decay
Could be new or old, urban or rural, but must be clearly decaying and not stuff that could be resolved with a wet cloth and some detergent.
Flickr: Downtrodden Docks
This site is dedicated to images of abandoned docks and piers.
Flickr: Enter the Machine
Images that go beyond simple industrial photography. Capturing the color of rust, the feeling of an abandoned factory, the patterns in flaking paint, a vanishing point in a mill.
Flickr: Entropy
About the pleasure to be found in decay, the inevitable passage of the pretentious and the grandiose.
Flickr: Exploring Abandonments
For those who explore inside abandoned and semi-abandoned buildings. Just taking pictures from outside isn't enough.
Flickr: Eyðibýli - Abandoned Houses
Photos of abandoned houses, buildings and ruins.
Flickr: Factories
All kinds of factories: derelict or full of life, new or old, large or small.
Flickr: Factory
New, old and defunct factories in photos.
Flickr: Fixer-Uppers
Sharing photos of old, condemned homes and buildings.
Flickr: Forbidden
A group for photographers who have found themselves being forbidden to take photos of some thing or place.
Flickr: Forgotten
Things forgotten, if only for a minute, or an endless period of time.
Flickr: Forgotten Things
Not just abandoned, this group is for things that seem to simply have been forgotten: old cemeteries, rusty cars, swingsets. Non-living things only. These are the things you know will still be there, unattended, if you drive by 10 years from now.
Flickr: Former Theaters
Photos of theaters that are either no longer in use (abandoned, condemned) or have been transformed into something else but still structurally resemble theaters.
Flickr: Forsaken By Society
People, places or things which have been abandoned, forgotten or ignored.
Flickr: Fortresses, Forts & Fortifications of the World
Forts, fortress and fortifications of the world.
Flickr: Ghosts From The Machine
In post-industrial environments, there are many reminders, echoes, hints or ghosts of our industrial past.
Flickr: Gone Forever
Anything that no longer exists: a place, a building, a treasured object, or even a pet. Mainly photos of buildings in the group.
Flickr: HDR Decay
This is a group exclusively for HDR photographs featuring decay.
Flickr: Historic Homesteads
This a public group for photos of old, pioneering ruins. Photos of objects used in old homesteads, fences,ruins of old homesteads, stations, ranches or other abandoned farms or farming machinery.
Flickr: Historic Water Mills
Water powered mills from the early 20th century and before. Can be grist mill, saw mill, or any other type of mill. The requirements are that it be water powered and historic.
Flickr: Historical Places
Group to post photos of favourite historical places.
Flickr: Historical/ Mysterious Places
Photographs of historical and/ or mysterious places of the world.
Flickr: Houses and Homes
Pictures (from as many parts of the world as possible) of exteriors of interesting houses/ homes.
Flickr: If These Walls Could Talk...
Photos of old buildings, structures that look like they have a story behind them. Please add details such as location and the kind of structure it is.
Flickr: Industrial Abandonment
Abandoned industrial buildings.
Flickr: Industrial Archaeology
All about abandoned factories, of every type, from every part of the world.
Flickr: Industrial Decay
Abandoned industry, decaying machinery and vehicles, derelict industrial buildings and other facilities. The older the building, machine or structure, the better. Abandoned locations preferred but not required.
Flickr: Industrial Night Shots
Industry landscapes at night.
Flickr: Industry
Urban exploration, industrial archeology and modern industry photography.
Flickr: Infiltration
Pictures of places you're not supposed to go.
Flickr: Junk
Pictures of scrap metal, junkyards, rubbish dumps, anyplace where stuff goes to die. Dead metal.
Flickr: Junk Beauties
Photos of scrap, jetsom and flotsom, whatever you call piles of junk that can be recycled back into art.
Flickr: League of the Empty Chair
The key is the emptiness, uncanny lack of belonging that the chair represents.
Flickr: Leaning Houses
Houses and other buildings that have one thing in common, they lean.
Flickr: Lonely Houses
Photos of houses in empty spaces, as a lonely strong sign in landscape. Most are abandoned homes.
Flickr: Machinescapes
Artistic photographs of machines, metals, gears, engines, pulleys, industrial equipment, axles, miscellaneous mechanisms, grease, grime, grit, junk. The inner-workings of anything. Abstract or linear, anything goes.
Flickr: Macro Decay
Photos of urban decay, does not include things that can be restored.
Flickr: Military Decay
Abandoned, rotting or dismantled military objects and facilities.
Flickr: Molested Bicycles
Destroyed bicycles seen in modern cities.
Flickr: Mouldy Old Stones
Photographs of standing stones, historical monuments (such as castles), and the landscape they exist within.
Flickr: Museum of Dust
Dust storms and clouds, dust bunnies, drifts of dust and tornadoes for example.
Flickr: My Old Abandoned Home
Photos and stories of old houses (preferably abandoned/dilapidated, though obviously neglected or in disrepair is acceptable) that the photographer once inhabited.
Flickr: Neglect and Rust
Things forgotten or just left to the elements.
Flickr: No Trespassing
A group for those taking pictures in places that have Do Not Enter or No Trespassing signs.
Flickr: Not in Use
Things which are preferably old, not used anymore or used for a totally different purpose.
Flickr: Octagon Houses (and Other Curious Buildings)
Group to share and discuss photos of round shaped houses. Some are derelict but it's not necessary.
Flickr: Old & Abandonned
Old and abandoned buildings, industrial places, burned out places. Some may be creepy looking but anything which has been pretty much forgotten and left to decay.
Flickr: Old & Forgotten
Buildings and other things that are old, weathered and forgotten.
Flickr: Old And Beautiful
A group for old buildings, barns, shacks, abandoned homes, and any other old falling down structures.
Flickr: Old Buildings and More
Old buildings, houses, streets, markets, national monuments, bridges or even a building in ruins.
Flickr: Old Buildings are Beautiful
This group is about viewing a rundown factory, shed, or farm house as beautiful and not an eyesore.
Flickr: Old Buildings Bridges Landmarks
Old buildings bridges or landmarks. Share the history in pictures of any historic place you may have been.
Flickr: Old Churches
Group to share photos of old churches.
Flickr: Old City
A group for people who love old towns and cities. Old buildings, streets, bridges, fragments of cities more than a hundred years of age.
Flickr: Old City Views
Ancient and old architecture city views, around the world.
Flickr: Old Houses
Pictures of old houses 90, 100 years old or older.
Flickr: Old Stones
By stone we mean rock shaped by humans. By old we mean at least 100 years, but something like 1000 years would be more appropriate.
Flickr: Old Structures.
Structures of all kinds. Mostly abandoned or still in limited use.
Flickr: Old Stuff
Antiques, collectibles, old bits and pieces, old cars and bikes.
Flickr: Old Water Pumps
The aim is to collect photos of old manual (hand-powered) water pumps.
Flickr: Old Windows and Frames
This is a group for pictures of old windows and window frames.
Flickr: Old Wood
Decaying wood; buildings, fence posts, at various stages in the aging process.
Flickr: Out to Pasture
Old cars, farm equipment, machinery, that has been put out to pasture.
Flickr: Overgrown
This is a group for pictures where any object or item is being taken over by nature. Overgrown, plants, vines, weeds, obscuring some object.
Flickr: Palaces, Castles, Towers, Pagodas, Fortresses And Ruins of Old
Pictures of pre-Medieval, Medieval and post-Medieval towers, lighthouses, castles, fortresses, and especially remnants thereof.
Flickr: Peeled and Patched Walls
Group to share photos of peeling and patched walls.
Flickr: Photographing Prohibited
Photos taken in prohibited locations. Infiltrating industrial plants, military installations, concerts, train and metro stations.
Flickr: Prisons, Fortresses, Deserted Islands
A group for pictures of abandoned prisons, fortresses and deserted islands.
Flickr: Project Abandoned Buildings
Objective of this group is to shoot abandoned buildings anywhere on Earth.
Flickr: Reclaimed By Nature
Shots of man made things that nature has decided to take for its own.
Flickr: Restricted Access
Urban exploration: buildings and sites with posted signs telling you not to go there. (No Trespassing, Restricted Access.)
Flickr: Ruins
Photos of building and structures ruined by the passage of time.
Flickr: Rural Darkness
The only major criteria for posting images to this group is a rural setting (or at least evoking a rural mood or feeling of isolation) plus a dark aura (or sense of dread). Think rural decay but with a more Gothic or eerie sensibility.
Flickr: Rural Decay
Pictures of barns, silos, farms and other rural buildings decaying. Objects now part of the landscape are also welcome, such as tractors, or old farm equipment.
Flickr: Rural Deterioration
Pictures of rural buildings deteriorating and decaying. Must be man made and must be rural ie: old or ruined houses, sheds, doors, windows, churches.
Flickr: Rural Exploration
This group is for those who explore the interiors of abandoned buildings in rural settings.
Flickr: Rust and Ruins
Group to showcase photos of derelict places, rust in ruins.
Flickr: Rusty
Photos of the items covered with or consisting of rust, or rusted.
Flickr: Rusty and Crusty
Rusting, crusting, rotting, decomposing and just plain falling apart.
Flickr: Sad Boats
Pictures of sad boats - boats that have had mishaps, seen better days or come to bad ends, down-right decrepit boats, defunct boats, fossilized boats.
Flickr: Sad Chairs
Abandoned, discarded and/or sad chairs found and photographed out there in the world.
Flickr: Scary Houses
Share your pictures of scary looking houses or buildings.
Flickr: Spiral Stairway
For the image without end, a staircase towards the paradise, myth or poetry of the spiral. Group to share images of spiral staircases.
Flickr: Stairs in Decay
Stairs in decay, as part of old and abandoned buildings.
Flickr: Stately Homes, Palaces and Castles
Photography group to share photos of homes, mansions, palaces and castles.
Flickr: Storm Drains & Sewers
Sharing photos from the inside of storm drains and sewers.
Flickr: Strange Places
Pictures taken in strange places, places pictures should not be taken.
Flickr: Subterranean Areas
Basements, underground stations, tunnels, underground parking decks, abandoned or still in use.
Flickr: Suburban Decay
All about the little things in suburbia that are unexpectedly macabre, dying, decaying, or otherwise at odds with the peaceful suburban lifestyle.
Flickr: Tales of the Forgotten Lands and Places
Photos of industrial waste land or old factories.
Flickr: That Old Timey Feeling
Anything old, that old rusted car in your back yard, the old abandoned house down the street, that rustic looking boat that has been sitting on blocks for years at your local marina, just about anything you find in your parents or grandparents attic.
Flickr: The Original Abandoned Shopping Trolley Project
Trolleyspotters. Photos of abandoned shopping trolleys/ carts.
Flickr: The Abandoned
Post pictures of anything that has been abandoned. Buildings, junk on the side of the road, and the like.
Flickr: The Broken Bicycle Project
Photographs of bicycles in various states of disrepair. If it's missing wheels, rusted, bent, the chain's falling off, it's hanging from a tree, the frame is all that's left, if it's messed up in any way, take a photo and post it.
Flickr: The End of Industry
Factories, mills, mines, refineries, all left to rot, and worse.
Flickr: The Old
Old destroyed objects, abandoned places, houses, factories.
Flickr: The Rust Bucket
Photos of anything that is rusted and weathered.
Flickr: The Unconscious Art Of Demolition
Pictures of the unconscious aesthetical creations resulting from the destruction of man-made structures.
Flickr: Things that Moved
Things that moved but don't anymore. Broken down and retired vehicles. Planes, trains, automobiles, riding mowers. Does not include buildings and things that never moved.
Flickr: This Old House
Not houses that are falling down, but old houses that can be remodeled and preserved. Old historic houses.
Flickr: TOP UrbX
Showcasing the best (top standards) urban exploration photos.
Flickr: Trashy Houses
Post your photos of (not abandoned) derelict homes that amaze you because of condition, yard art, or just plain decay. No abandoned or storm-damaged homes, only those that are occupied.
Flickr: Trespassing
This group is for shots taken in areas where most people don't often venture (not necessarily breaking trespassing laws). The spin of this group should be somewhat journalistic, so as to show a viewer an off-limits area.
Flickr: Tunnel... Corridor... Underpass...
Exploring in the depths of the concrete jungle.
Flickr: Tunnels, Pipes, Holes.
Exploring tunnels, pipes, holes, drains, the world underneath.
Flickr: U.E.
A group dedicated to any photography Interior or exterior that concerns urban exploring.
Flickr: Underneath the Bridge
Everything you find under a bridge: graffiti, people, water, trash, traffic as long as it's under a bridge.
Flickr: Unplaces
A group about places that you are not supposed to notice.
Flickr: Urban Abandonments
Show off your best abandoned urban relic finds.
Flickr: Urban Decay
Rundown buildings, neighborhoods and all things within.
Flickr: Urban Entropy
All closed systems will eventually break down and chaos will ensue.
Flickr: Urban Explorers
Photos and stories about abandoned paper mills, condemned hospitals, decaying barns.
Flickr: Urban Fragments
Photos of architectural details and ephemera: bits of carving and molding, doors and windows, peeling paint, rusty metal, old brickwork, decaying wood, graffiti, signs, murals, urban art, billboards. No photos with people in them.
Flickr: Urban Secret & Forgotten Places
Places in the heart of populated places that are forgotten, or hard to reach.
Flickr: Urban Spelunkers
Going into abandoned buildings, storm drains, tunnels, anywhere man made that is not meant for most people to see.
Flickr: Urbex
Dedicated to urbex or urban exploration.
Flickr: Vanished
A group to help compile photos of things that we photographed that vanished afterwards so they can always be remembered.
Flickr: Vanishing Beauty
This group is for all of those beautiful, old things which are disappearing from our world: old buildings, wonderful old walls, old mechanical devices like typewriters and parking meters. If you can't preserve it physically, preserve it photographically. No sunsets.
Flickr: War Ruins
Shared photographs of war ruins.
Flickr: Weathered and Worn
For photographs of anything shabby, weathered and worn.
Flickr: Weathered Wood
Images of wood that's been weathered. Whether by wind, sun, water, or a combination. The grayer, the rougher, the better. Buildings, pier pilings, driftwood, you get the picture.
Flickr: Wonders of Oxidation
This group is dedicated to creative and artsy photos of oxidation and the wonders it creates.
Flickr: Wrack & Ruin
Abandoned,disintegrated, beyond repair,rusty. Photo sharing group.
Flickr: You Can't Take Pictures Here
Places, situations where you have been told not to take pictures. Examples are military, government or scientific establishments of any kind, hospitals, churches.
Forsaken By Society Trilogy - Places
CARF's photo weblog. Places forgotten by society.
Industrial Archaeology
Buildings and other man made creations from the start of the automobile age that have started to decay.
Kim Koester
Online galleries from Kim J. Köster.
The Light Of Decay
Fine art photography of abandoned structures.
Lisanne Harris - Sadly, Utterly Abandoned
Curated collections of photographs.
Live Journal: Ephemeral Village's Journal
Photo journal for small towns only. Documenting disappearing towns, once bustling and useful, now decrepit and crumbling.
Lost Collective
Brett Patman's unique photos of abandoned and neglected buildings.
Modern Ruins
Photographic essays include explorations of a girls orphanage, insane asylum, hospital, crypt, and steel plant.
Old Road Signs - Flickr
Group for posting photographs of old road signs only - button copy or marble reflector signs are especially encouraged.
PURP: Penguins Under a Reactionary Planet
Draining and stencil graffiti. Urban exploration and graphic art.
RottenEggs Urban Adventures
Commercial site that allows registered users to post messages on urban adventures and explorations.
RuralRuin's LiveJournal
Sharing photographs from explorations around the world.
Sewer Fresh
Photographically deconstructing the urban environment. Underground tunnels, derelict industrial sites and urban ruins.
Urban Nature
Photoblog and Flickr group for images of nature in an urban context.
Urbex Pics by Ghost Town Zeugen der Zeit
Images by topic. Ghost towns and other urban exploration photographs.
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