This category is for sites pertaining to survival or primitive living schools or courses in Europe.
Backwoods Survival School
Teaches basic and advanced courses, including skills such as identifying edible plants, shelter building, obtaining water, fire-making, and other survival techniques. Based near Glasgow in Scotland.
Bison Bushcraft
Teaches bushcraft and wilderness skills, including fire-making, tracking, shelter construction, and nature awareness. Also sells wilderness survival products. Based in the UK.
Intrepid Expeditions
Offers husky dog, snowmobile, canoe, and pulk sledging expeditions, as well as survival courses in Sweden and the UK. Includes schedules and booking information.
The Natural Navigator
Teaches courses in natural navigation, including finding your way using clues from the sun, moon, stars, weather, water, land, plants, and animals. Based in West Sussex, England.
Natural Pathways
Dedicated to the teaching of primitive and modern survival skills. Includes list of courses offered, dates and prices, notice board and contact details. Located in Canterbury, UK.
Survival and Safety School
Provides two- and three-day courses for beginners up to semi-skilled survivalists. Based in Scotland.
Survival School
Offers courses for teams and individuals. Based in the UK.
Wild Spirit Bushcraft
Provides survival bushcraft training courses. Also offers falconry, corporate team building, tipi breaks, and canoe expeditions in Norway and the Arctic. Based in the UK.
Offers courses in nature awareness, tracking, and primitive survival. Located in Northern Ireland.
Wildside Survival School
Offers bushcraft and survival courses, including topics such as shelter building, navigation, fire building, and water procurement. Located in West Sussex, England.
Wildwood Bushcraft
Teaches survival skills, including fire lighting, game preparation, use of wild foods and medicines, water collection, and shelter building. Based in Sussex and in Scotland.
Woodcraft School
Offering short and week-long courses. Includes descriptions of classes, FAQs, links and contact information. Located in West Sussex, UK.
Woodland Survival Crafts
Courses in bushcraft and ancient survival skills, including specialized classes in edible plants, fire-making, and winter skills. Based in the UK.
Woodlore School of Bushcraft
Teaches wilderness bushcraft and ancient technology. Provides program details and contact information. Located in the UK.
Teaches bushcraft and wilderness survival skills, including tracking, plant lore, nature awareness, axemanship, canoe-craft, and wilderness cookery. Based in the UK.
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