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Avalanche Safety Equipment
Offers avalanche safety gear and equipment, including beacons, probes, and air bags.
BDS Tactical
Tactical, military police, and SWAT gear. Includes product categories and order information.
Blizzard Protection Systems
Manufacturer of emergency sleeping bags and rescue blankets.
BPS Engineering: Atlatl
Precision atlatl and dart systems.
Chinook Medical Gear, Inc.
A broad selection of quality first-aid and emergency medical kits and supplies.
Conterra Technical Systems
Specialty and modular packs for field medical gear and supplies, disaster management equipment, and related items.
Counter Assault Beat Deterrent Pepper Sprays
Developer and manufacturer of bear and personal defense pepper sprays. Includes product specifications, FAQs, order policies and a mail list subscription. Located in Kalispell, Montana, USA.
Equipped To Survive
Reviews of outdoor and survival gear. Includes information on survival skills and techniques.
Exploration Products
Outdoors and survival equipment including kits and books.
Forest City Surplus Canada
Emergency light sticks, self-powered radios, military signal markers, emergency blankets, compasses, and a variety of other useful survival products.
Light My Fire
Manufacturer of firemaking products and a specialty folding knife. Includes photos and descriptions.
Long Life Food Depot
Complete list of MREs and other individual serving pouches perfect for emergencies, y2k preparation, and outdoor adventures.
Native Way
Native American style bows and arrows, lances, stone axes, stone and metal bladed knives, and fishlures.
Nitro-Pak Preparedness Center
Emergency preparedness and survival supplies.
Prairie Wolf
Books and videos about primitive wilderness living and outdoor survival skills, including videos that teach how to make primitive equipment.
Primitive Fire
Supplies bowdrill, hand drill, and trough fire-making equipment. Instruction manuals for primitive fire-making are available as downloads.
Shelter Systems
Portable geodesic domes, greenhouses, yurts, emergency shelters, tarps, tarp fasteners, shade and solar structures and tents.
Super Cedar Firestarters
Firestarters for survival kits, outdoor cooking, or fireplaces. Includes details about this product and ordering information.
Wilderness Medical Systems
Offers emergency wilderness medical kits.
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