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Save Our Seas Foundation
Awareness, protection, preservation and conservation of the global marine environment are the heart of the Save Our Seas Foundation's mission. Save our Seas Foundation is a non-profit making Swiss foundation headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.
Antonella Gambotto Learns to Dive
The controversial author and journalist has an interesting experience of underwater life ...
British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR)
UK based organization who rescue stranded and sick cetaceans and other marine mammals.
Cochrane Artificial Reef
Information and photographs detailing the construction of the artificial reef situated in the Coral Sea near Bundaberg on the east coast of Australia.
Coral Cay Conservation
Volunteer expeditions that provide resources to help sustain livelihoods and alleviate poverty through the protection, restoration and management of coral reefs and tropical forests.
Where to dive with the sharks, skates, and rays of the Americas. Elasmobranch identification.
Fish of Greece
Pictures of fish that live in the seas of Greece, their scientific, common and Greek names.
The Great American Fish Count
Information about an annual event held each July to introduce divers and snorkelers to the hobby of fishwatching and to educate the public about marine resources.
Hawaiian Marine Life
Hawaii's marine wildlife, dolphins, whales, sea turtles, monk seals, seabirds, and diverse fish species
Manatee Facts and Photos at Crystal River, Florida
Information, Photos and Facts and on the West Indian Manatee, Crystal River Florida diving and snorkeling with manatees, Crystal River, Florida
Marine Life of Hawai'i
Colorful and accurate pictures show identifying characteristics for seaweeds, invertebrates, and fish. Also allows you to hear the Hawaiian name of an animal spoken, and includes a glossary of terms.
Red Sea Fish Identification and Pictures
Photographs of fishes found in the Red Sea which require identification.
Reef Environment Education Foundation (REEF)
Organization seeking to conserve ecosystems by enlisting the help of people to become citizen scientists. Provides a list of their programs, a database of results and a forum.
Scuba Diving with Hawaiian Sea Turtles
This site educates the viewer about the different aspects of diving with Hawaiian sea turtles. The viewer can learn about anthropology of turtles, where in Hawaii they can found, and tips on how to appreciate these creatures as well as respecting their environment.
South Carolina Marine Life
A guide to the marine life of the coastal South Carolina waters, featuring colorful photographs and descriptive information.
Travel Photography by Eric Cheng
Web journals featuring the topside and underwater photography of Eric Cheng.
University of Florida: International Shark Attack File
Statistics including special sections for the great white and attacks on divers.
The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society
Dedicated exclusively to the conservation, welfare and appreciation of all whales, dolphins and porpoises.
Whale Shark Research
Investigation into the biology of the oceans largest fish. Also, arranging trips for scuba divers to help and findings of a first year initial study.
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