This category is devoted to a collection of web pages about an individual or group and their interest in the hobby.
Ancient Objects
Includes photos of coins and artifacts found in the county of Yorkshire, UK, articles about photographing finds, bottle collecting and contact information.
Bunny's Detecting Place
Pictures of finds from around the UK, buttons and buckles, coins, a "can you identify these?" section, and links to club.
Photos of coins and tokens found in Baker City, Oregon. Gives coinshooting tips.
Digger's Diary
Features Civil War relics recovered in Northern Virginia. Cataloged by campsites.
Dutch Detector Finds
Photos of Stone Age, Roman, Medieval, 16th-18th century objects, seal matrixes, jetons, artifacts, modern jewelry and coins. Describes search locations in the Netherlands. Bilingual site.
Advice about doing research, obtaining permission to hunt, and choosing equipment. Includes Code of Ethics.
Glenn's Detecting Page
Includes vintage postcards of hunting locations with photos of finds made by Florida hobbyist.
Greg's Relics
Includes photographs and descriptions of coins, bullets, buttons, Civil War relics and miscellaneous finds made in Fauquier County, Virginia and other areas.
Jason's Metal Detecting Page
Includes photos of coins, jewelry and other finds.
Jim Vokes' Detectin' Pages
Shows photos of his finds, tips for using Minelab detectors, techniques for coin imaging and using a scanner, electrolysis procedure, map research and links to other reference sites.
Justin's Ohio Finds
Photo galleries of coins and relics, Native American artifacts, fossils, rocks and old bottles. Includes some Native American history and music.
Metal Detecting Around the World
Features articles, tips, a Minelab Explorer program, detector reviews and a photo gallery of coins, relics and other finds made by Sergei, an enthusiast from New York State.
Metal Detecting Connecticut
Photos of recent finds and relic collection.
Metal Detecting In Germany
Features a look at artifacts found on battlefield sites. Includes World War II finds and treasure hunting articles.
Metal Detecting in the USA
Features articles and pictures about metal detecting, treasure hunting, and coin shooting.
Metal Detecting with Vlad & Carol
Features tips and hints, cleaning methods, equipment reviews, descriptions and photos of finds, slideshows and a forum. Lists rules and regulations for hunting in Connecticut.
Weblog features equipment and book reviews, announcements, and stories.
Norwegian Treasures
Picture galleries of finds and programs for the Whites' XLT detector.
An Okie Detects Michigan
Tips on equipment, sites to hunt, jewelry markings, and photos of his finds.
Passport to Treasure
Photos of finds, Minelab Sovereign and Sun Ray tips, Explorer sound clips, detector depth comparison test, button backmark information, and coin cleaning methods.
Phil's Metal Detecting
Includes some information about the history of the hobby, hints and tips, equipment, and photos of his finds in the UK.
San Francisco Diggin's
Finds from Bay area, including stamped and numbered brass skeleton room key, toothpaste pots, eyeglasses, buckles and hooks, clay pipes, with all sizes and varieties of glass bottles. Includes music. Takes a while to load.
SCdigger's Metal Detecting Page
Photo galleries of relic finds and the North-South Hunt of 2002.
Southwestern Treasure
Enthusiast in New Mexico describes a typical day of detecting. Includes a gallery of photographs.
St. Petersburg's Treasure Hunter
Features coins from Russian Empire and USSR, uniform buttons, buckles, medals, shields, religious artifacts and German and Russian World War II relics. Bilingual Russian/English.
The Treasure Chronicle
A personal view of the hobby of metal detecting/treasure hunting. Treasure images gallery, equipment, links and clubs.
Treasure Hunting America
Features photos of coins, jewelry, and old bottles found in the New Orleans area. Includes accounts of prospecting trips to other locations.
Treasure Hunting in Colchester Essex England
Includes brief history of the town. Tips for detecting in the area's fields. Photos of hammered, Roman, and base coins, artifacts, buttons, croatal bells and toys.
Treasures of Santa Clara
Descriptions and photos of finds including old coins, tokens, jewelry, relics, old bottles and marbles. Gives tips and hunting ideas.
West Jersey Detecting
New Jersey enthusiast Neil Schwartz offers detecting tips and hints. Includes photos, instructional videos, documents, and resource links.
Yorkie Bill's Metal Detecting
Includes trip reports and photos of badges, buttons, coins, cannons and other finds.
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