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Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
Manages and regulates use of natural lands, marine resources, fish, wildlife, and state parks.
Alaska Department of Fish and Game
Guide to the laws and regulations safeguarding the public hunting and fishing activities throughout the state.
Arizona Game and Fish Department
Laws, rules and regulations; information about hunting and fishing licenses, classes, publications, Black-footed Ferret and Condor Programs; job listings; and an Arizona wildlife photo gallery.
Arkansas Game and Fish Commission
Complete reference and directory to the hunting and fishing regulations statewide. Information on licenses, zones, tips, gun laws, and seasons provided. Contact information for local and statewide offices.
California Department of Fish and Wildlife
Includes information on lands and facilities available, licenses, seasons, bag limits and regulations.
California Department of Fish and Wildlife - Hunting
Includes information on conservation, hunter education, lands and facilities available, Licenses and Permits. Fish and game regulations for the state are provided.
Colorado Division of Wildlife
Details state hunting and fishing regulations, habitats, and conservation efforts.
Colorado Parks & Wildlife - Hunt
Includes information on habitats, available game, hunter safety and education.
Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection: Outdoor Recreation
Information about the protection and management of fish, forest, water and wildlife resources for the public's use and enjoyment.
Delaware Division of Fish & Wildlife - Hunting
Includes information on seasons, permits, hunter education and game harvests.
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
A guide to the agency responsible for managing Florida's fish and wildlife resources: includes information and regulations on hunting, fishing, wildlife viewing, hiking, the Florida panther, and other endangered species.
Georgia Wildlife Resources: Hunting
Includes specific rules, regulations, license and permit information.
Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources
Guide to hunting guidelines, hunter education program, and licensing details.
Idaho Fish and Game
State government regulations for hunting and fishing, event calendar, and resources.
Idaho Fish and Game - Hunting
Provides information on regulations, licenses, non-resident hunting and controlled hunts. Maps and descriptions to wildlife management areas included.
Illinois Department of Natural Resources
Conservation, education, plants and animals, parks, museums and publications. Includes hunting and fishing information.
Illinois Department of Natural Resources - Hunting and Trapping
Information included on seasons, licenses, regulations and hunting preserves.
Indiana Division of Fish and Wildlife
Licensing, seasons, and regulations, fish and wildlife areas, districts, FAQs, links, publications, news releases, and employment opportunities.
Indiana DNR - Hunting & Trapping
Includes information on hunting, fishing, and trapping regulations within the state. Harvest reports, season and license information available.
Iowa Department of Natural Resources - Hunting
Includes information on seasons, fees, bag limits, regulations and game species. Maps to wildlife management areas provided.
Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks
Manages the natural resources of Kansas, regulates hunting, and administrates the state park system.
Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources
Wildlife education center details hunting seasons, scheduled hunts, regulations, and licensing requirements.
Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries - Hunting
Includes information on seasons, regulations, licenses, hunter education classes, waterfowl population estimates and big game records.
Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife - Hunting and Trapping
Includes information on seasons, game laws, wildlife management, available game, and hunter safety courses.
Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife
Includes information on seasons, game laws, biologist report, available game and hunter safety courses.
Maryland Department of Natural Resources - Hunting & Trapping
Includes information on permits, fees, seasons and endangered species. Lists the wildlife management areas and availability.
Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game
Includes information on seasons, permits and hunter education courses.
Michigan Department of Natural Resources
Includes information on seasons, licenses, applications, regulations and bag limits. Game species and public hunting information also available.
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources: Hunting and Trapping
Provides information on regulations, seasons, game species and hunter education courses.
Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks
Includes fishing and hunting information.
Mississippi Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks - Hunting
Includes information on wildlife management areas, seasons bag limits, licenses, hunting regulations and hunter education courses.
Missouri Department of Conservation
Includes information on fishing, hunting, animals, plants, rivers, nature, forestry, education, events, news, magazine, television and radio programs, FAQ and job openings. Special section for kids.
Missouri Department of Conservation - Hunting/Trapping
Includes articles on game species available, harvest reports and seasons. Information on permits and hunter education courses and shooting ranges provided.
Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks
Features state trapping and hunting guidelines, season news, and regulations for hunters and licensing.
Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
Divisions: conservation districts, environmental protection, forestry, state lands, state parks, water planning, water resources, wildlife. Commissions: environmental, wildlife, wild horse. Natural Heritage program.
Nevada Division of Wildlife
Bureaus of conservation education, fisheries, game, habitat and law enforcement. Birdwatching, special licenses and permits, workshops, statistics and fishing forecasts. Hunting and fishing regulations and applications available on line.
New Hampshire Fish and Game Department
Includes information on game species available, seasons permits, hunter education and regulations.
New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife - Hunting
Includes information on the season harvest outlook, obtaining permits, wildlife management areas and regulations.
New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife
Includes information on the season harvest outlook, obtaining permits, wildlife management areas and regulations.
New Mexico Game and Fish
Hunting news, regulations, maps, harvest data, and license application.
New York Department of Environmental Conservation: Hunting
Includes information on regulation changes, licenses, seasons, game species available and hunter safety.
North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources
Through its natural resource divisions, this state agency works to protect fish, wildlife and wilderness areas.
North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission
News, information and licensing for hunting, trapping, fishing and boating along with conservation efforts, education and activities.
North Dakota Game and Fish Department
State guide to hunting and fishing policies, instant licensing, and seasonal news.
North Dakota Game and Fish Department - Hunting
Providing a wildlife management area guide, species distribution map, available game information and online lottery applications.
Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR)
Features agency responsible for overseeing and permitting all mineral extraction, monitoring dam safety, managing water resources, and promoting recycling and litter prevention.
Ohio Department of Natural Resources - Hunting & Trapping Regulations
Includes information on hunting regulations, special and controlled hunts, hunter education and harvest results.
Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation - Hunting
Includes information on seasons, game variety available, hunter education, regulations and harvest report. Also includes aerial photos and topographical maps of wildlife management areas and access information.
Oklahoma Department of Wildlive Conservation
Profiles the agency in charge of managing the state's wildlife, fish, and outdoor resources.
Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
Providing information on controlled hunts and preference points, regulations and weekly hunting report.
Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission
Regulations and laws, safety courses and handbook.
Pennsylvania Game Commission
Provides information on seasons and bag limits, regulations, hunter-trapper education, crossbow permit applications, permits and game news.
Pennsylvania State Parks
Things to do and much information about each park, including recreation, calendar of events and history. Gift shop, reservations, volunteer information and photo tour.
SC Department of Natural Resources
Provides information about outdoor sporting, departmental news, and employment opportunities.
South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks
Guide to hunting and fishing policies, seasons, and licensing requirements.
Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency
Includes information on license fees, hunter education classes, season dates and public hunting areas. Detailed maps on wildlife management areas provided along with descriptions.
Texas Parks & Wildlife: Hunting
Provides news and regulations including license information and public hunting seasons.
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
Includes news, hunting, fishing, parks, reservations, outdoors programs, and department reports.
US Code of Federal Regulations - Title 50 Wildlife and Fisheries
Regularly updated, unofficial editorial compilation of CFR material and Federal Register amendments produced by the National Archives and Records Administration's Office of the Federal Register (OFR) and the Government Printing Office.
US Fish and Wildlife Service - Hunting
Information on hunting in units of the National Wildlife Refuge System.
US Hunter Harassment Statutes
Directory of links to each state's anti-harassment statutes.
Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
Government agency responsible for hunting and fishing licenses, as well as wildlife management.
Vermont Agency for Natural Resources
Protects, sustains and enhances the state's natural resources.
Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department
Includes information on seasons, regulations, hunter education, and fees. Wildlife management area maps and hunting reports available.
Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries
Information on hunting, fishing, boating, and wildlife in Virginia.
Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries: Hunting
Includes information on hunting forecasts, licenses, game reports and special managed hunts.
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
News, drawings, seasons, licensing, tribal hunting, tips, and education.
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife: Hunting
Hunting regulations, seasons, tips, and resources. Game harvest reporting, special permits and raffles included.
Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission
Park information including camping, boating and snowmobiling.
West Virginia Division of Natural Resources
Information on game harvests, licenses and permits, Wildlife Management Areas, education and safety, outfitters, shooting ranges, research, and news.
Wisconsin DNR - Hunting in Wisconsin
Includes information on available game, seasons, fees and harvest summary.
Wyoming Game and Fish Department
Official site of all outdoors opportunities including hunting and fishing.
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