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National Speleological Society
The national caving organization of the USA, with links to all affiliated regions, grottos (clubs), sections, and special interest groups.
Baltimore Grotto of the NSS
Founded in 1952 and dedicated to exploration, study and conservation. Includes calendar of events, contacts, membership information, photo album and projects.
Boston Grotto
Founded in 1952 to promote exploration, conservation, scientific studies and social activities. Includes contact information, trip calendar, newsletter, photo gallery and links.
Cascade Grotto
Based in Seattle, Washington. A chapter of the NSS dedicated to the study, exploration and conservation of caes and their contents.
Cave Conservation and Management Section of the National Speleological Society
Provides a central clearinghouse for research, expertise, and information. Offers a newsletter, membership benefits, the CCMS constitution, bylaws, minutes, and future events.
Cave Diving Section of the National Speleological Society
Promotes education, safety and conservation in underwater caves.
Cave Research Foundation
Institutional member of the NSS. Involved with conservation, research and karst interpretation. Includes operation areas, programs and projects, publications, and membership information.
Central Arizona Grotto
Promotes exploring, surveying, conservation, vertical work and safety techniques. Includes calendar of events, trip reports and contact information.
Central Connecticut Grotto
Located in Plainville and is a chapter of the NSS. Includes Constitution, activities schedule, photos, membership form and contact information.
Central New Jersey Grotto
Chartered in 1978 for exploration, conservation and study. Includes membership manual, monthly meeting notice, newsletters, photo galleries, store and links.
Colorado Cave Survey
Working to protect caves and Karst, to manage cave access and maintain a database of cave activity.
Colorado Grotto
Located in Denver and affiliated with the National Speleological Society. Dedicated to exploration, study and conservation. Includes meeting information, events, projects, photo gallery and contacts.
Commander Cody Caving Club
NSS grotto based in the Delaware Valley. Dedicated to exploration, study and conservation. Includes calendar of events, contacts, meeting and membership information, photo gallery and links.
Crescent City Cavers
Grotto of the NSS and located in Metairie, Louisiana. Dedicated to exploration and conservation. Includes Constitution, meeting schedule, membership form, calendar of events, photo gallery and contacts.
Diablo Grotto
Located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Includes information about membership, meetings, trips, training sessions and projects.
District of Columbia Grotto
Activities in Calaveras and Tuolumne counties in California. Dedicated to promote exploration, conservation, study and preservation of caves. Includes meeting information, trip reports, photos and contacts.
Flittermouse Grotto of Western North Carolina
Located in Ashville and member of the National Speleological Society. Promotes conservation of caves, safety in their exploration and fellowship. Includes meeting and contact information.
The Gangsta Mappers
Informal group throughout mid-Atlantic states devoted to cartography projects in Virginia and West Virginia. Includes summaries of current and past trips, photos and contact information. Password required to access websheets and schedule of events.
Gem State Grotto
Located in Boise, Idaho and affiliated with the National Speleological Society. Promotes exploration, study, conservation and restoration of caves. Includes schedule of events and contact information.
The Indiana & Ohio Flatlander's Caving Club
A non-profit cave and conservation organization.
Kansas Speleological Society
Formed in 1983 to catalog, study and explore caves. Affiliated with the NSS. Includes membership and meeting information, library resources and contacts.
Karst Waters Institute
Aiming to improve the fundamental understanding of karst water systems through sound scientific research and the education of professionals and the public.
Michigan Karst Conservancy
Formed in 1983 and located in Ann Arbor. Aims to acquire, manage and protect unique geology and associated ecosystems. Includes details of projects and membership application.
Mid-Appalachian Grotto
Various grottos and organized caving clubs within Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey.
Minnesota Speleological Survey
Affiliated with the National Speleological Society. Dedicated to study, exploration and conservation of caves. Includes information about projects, meetings, membership and contacts.
MIT Caving Club
Located on Massachusetts Institute of Technology campus. Offers trips during the school year. Includes schedule of events and contact information.
Mother Lode Grotto of the National Speleological Society
Located in Sacramento, California and devoted to exploration, study and preservation. Includes information about meetings, membership, equipment, conservation, MLG history and contacts.
Northeastern Regional Organization
Affiliated with the NSS and includes grottos in Pennsylvania, New York, New England and Eastern Canada. Includes newsletter, Constitution, meeting and contact information.
Northern New Jersey Grotto
Founded in 1952 and a chapter of the National Speleological Society. Contains contact information, meeting schedule, photos, upcoming trips and events.
Northwest Cavers Association
Affiliated with the National Speleological Society to promote conservation, safety and communication. Includes Constitution and Bylaws, photo gallery and regional events.
NSS Communications and Electronics Section
Offers a forum for those cavers interested in cave radio and electronic gadgetry. Includes articles, newsletter, membership requirements and contact information.
NSS Survey and Cartography Section
Information on mapping and documenting caves, data management and archiving, and all forms of cave cartography.
NSS Vertical Section
Seeks to develop, educate, and train cavers in safe and efficient vertical rope techniques.
NSS Video Section
Offers help in using camcorders, lighting systems, editing setups, and computer technology in cave-related presentations. Includes newsletter, membership and meeting information.
Oregon Grotto of the Portland, OR / Vancouver, WA Area
Located in Vancouver, Washington and dedicated to the exploration and conservation of caves. Highlights photos, upcoming events, articles, a meeting schedule, and membership details.
Salt Lake Grotto
A portal to organized caving in Utah. Meeting information, trip reports, upcoming trips, cave maps, and the state's long and deep cave list.
San Diego Grotto
Activities include exploration, surveying and conservation in California, Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico. Has meeting information, photos, maps and links.
San Francisco Bay Chapter National Speleological Society
Dedicated to exploration, study and conservation. Includes information about meetings, trips and events calendar, newsletter, projects, photos and contacts.
Sandia Grotto
Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Chapter of the NSS promotes study, conservation, safe exploration and fellowship. Includes Constitution, meeting and membership information, and photographs.
SERA Karst Task Force
The Southeastern Regional Association Karst Task Force (SKTF) is a non-profit resource organization dedicated to karst conservation and the clean up of cave and karst features through the education of both the public and caving communities.
SERA Karst Task Force (SKTF)
Resource organization dedicated to karst conservation and the clean up of karst features and caves, through the education of both the public and caving communities. Includes membership details.
Shasta Area Grotto
Located in Northern California. Promotes conservation, study and preservation of caves. Features articles about safety, conservation, management, restoration and ethics. Includes photo galleries and contact information.
Silver Sage Grotto Home Page
Chapter of the National Speleological Society was founded in 2001 for exploration, conservation and survey of South Central Idaho caves. Includes Constitution and Bylaws, event schedule, meeting and contact information.
Sligo Grotto of the NSS
Based in Maryland and chapter since 1970. Dedicated to conservation, protection, exploration and surveying. No fixed meeting dates and locations. Includes newsletter, photo album, membership and contact information.
Southern California Grotto
Meets in Pasadena. NSS chaper is dedicated to surveying and mapping, exploration, and conservation. Includes meeting and membership information, newsletter and contacts.
Southern Colorado Mountain Grotto (SoCoMoGro)
Located in Colorado Springs and a member of the NSS. Dedicated to exploration, conservation and preservation. Includes meeting information, trip reports and contacts.
Southwestern Region of the NSS
Formed to further the discovery, exploration, scientific study and conservation of karst areas in New Mexico and Texas. Includes Constitution, upcoming events, newsletter and contacts.
Stonewall Cavers of the National Speleological Society
Section of the NSS for gay, lesbian and bisexual cavers. Includes contact information.
TAG Caving - Upper Cumberland Grotto
This site is about caves, cavers and caving in an area of the Southeast comprised by the common boundaries of Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia, hence the acronym of TAG.
Timpanogos Grotto
Located near Salt Lake City, Utah and a chapter of the National Speleological Society. Includes information about projects, caving trips, photos and contacts.
Tri-State Speleological Society, Inc.
Chapter of the NSS and located in New Jersey. Promotes the exploration, conservation, and preservation. Includes membership and contact information.
Triangle Troglodytes
Located in Raleigh, North Carolina. Features trip and meeting schedules, newsletters, photo galleries and contact information.
Utah Cave Survey
Survey of the National Speleological Society. Maintains an extensive database of Utah caves. Conducts location, mapping, and photography caving projects.
Vermont Cavers Association
Based in Rutland and a chapter of the National Speleological Association. Dedicated to study and exploration. Includes Constitution and Bylaws, photos, meeting and contact information.
Wasatch Grotto
Chapter of the National Speleological Society meets in Bountiful, Utah. Includes meeting and trip schedules, membership list, photos and contacts.
West Michigan Grotto
Formed in 1999 this chapter of the NSS is dedicated to study, exploration and conservation. Includes a calendar of events, membership and contact information.
Willamette Valley Grotto
Greater Portland area and chapter of the NSS. Offers recreational and scientific trips, surveying and mapping. Includes Constitution and Bylaws, meeting and membership information, calendar of events, photos and contacts.
Wisconsin Speleological Society
Has chapters of the NSS in Green Bay and Madison. Promotes exploration and study. Includes membership information, events, trip schedules and contacts.
Woodville Karst Plain Project
Devoted to exploration of underwater caves in Big Bend area of northern Florida. Includes articles on history, equipment, procedures, decompression, diving updates, image gallery and contacts.
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