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Category dedicated to scale science fiction model building for recreational or entertainment value.

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Starship Modeler
Internet's complete information resource such as hobby news, forum, reader gallery, FAQ, trading post, tech library, tips.
The 2500 Page
Guide to modeling starships in 1:2500 scale.
Alex Sci-fi
Focusing on spaceships and space fighters models with a special interest for Japanimation subjects and featuring many custom resin kits.
Alfred's Mind/Talon's Starbase
The creative works of Alfred Wong, professional illustrator, model-maker, storyboards artist and concept designer.
Aliens Papercraft
Paper models of science fiction space ships from Aliens movie.
Animek's Models
Small scale models made during the 80's made from balsa and pine wood.
Buc Wheat's Modeling World
Scale models pertaining to SF, horror, fantasy figures and vehicles. New about new resin and garage kits.
The Collective
The Collective specializes in building and customizing Science Fiction models including but not limited to: Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Babylon 5.
Provides information about to building full size, scale and virtual Dalek props. Plans are provided free to members of the project forum.
Daves Sci-Fi Models
A showcase for some of the scale sci-fi models including Babylon 5, Star Wars and Star Trek models.
Eagle Transporter
Visual reference resource for Space 1999 Eagle Transporter models and replicas. Including a discussion forum for news, reviews, and techniques.
Fantastic Plastic
Fantastic Plastic is a virtual museum of vehicles and space ships that have been molded over the past half century.
Gamera Baenre's Model Page
Showcase models in the science fiction and gunpla genre. Provides reviews, dioramas and techniques.
GDC Dreams
Dedicated to poly-thematic model-making like figures, future and past warriors and dioramas.
Geosynchronous Orbit
Forum about Gundam modeling.
Ian Walsh Space Models
Gallery of science fiction and real space models.
The Imperial Fleet
Japan Star Wars models and information about the movies.
Joe's Models
Gallery and detail articles about Star Wars and movies spaceships.
Kallamity Portfolio Destroy
Information and tips about painting and modeling figures, space ship, mechas, and soldiers.
Kenny Gallery
Gallery of fantasy, science fiction figures.
Krueger's Krieger
SF3D (Ma.K 3000) plastic model series which ran during the mid to late 1980s created by artist Kow Yokoyama.
Le Monolithe
Amateur movies, scratchbuilt models and techniques, costumes and props, Star Walkers and animations.
Main Mission Models
Personal gallery where the subjects are Space 99, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek and Lost in Space.
Malpass Models
Star Trek and Star Wars ships and pictures of some of the actors from the different series along with the ships that was built for them.
Marc's Classic Sci-Fi Modeling
Provides arts, model building reviews and pictures.
Maschinen Krieger
S.F.3.D and Ma.K. ZbV3000 model kits, designs and other material related to the work of Japanese model maker and artist Kow Yokoyama.
Modelling Sci-Fi
Photo gallery of space ships and creatures.
Models by Kaneko
Mecha model building and painting
My Alpha Quadrant
Pictures and information about the construction of Star Trek and Space 1999 models.
NemVia Productions
Scratch build and kit models, photos of past projects, Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, and other sci-fi projects.
Starship and gaming modeling highlight.
Our Monster Models
Gallery of monster model kits, reproductions of the 1960's Aurora models, custom built by Rick and Nickie Carter. Models are photographed with background scenes.
Phil's Stuff
Scratchbuilt ships and weapons.
Project Dalek
Dalek plans and reference material for full size, scale and virtual prop builders.
SciFi Model Maniac
Dedicated to garage model kits.
SciFi Visions
Information on science fiction, fantasy and horror in the realms of toys, models, TV, movies, and books.
The Scoundrel's Gallery
Showcases Star Wars custom action figures. Highly detailed painting and sculpting go into these well researched pieces.
Web based community of science fiction and fantasy model builders.
Spaceships - My Passion
John Douglass gallery that show scratch built spaceship.
A collection or articles, galleries, information, resources and news.
Tom's Model
Gallery of figures and science-fiction space ships.

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