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Badmoon Depot Military Miniatures
Military scale miniatures mostly 1/72 of the modern era. Includes links to other similar sites.
Meng AFV Modeller Magazine
A bimonthly magazine for AFV modellers and enthusiasts.
Mike's Diecast Tanks and Armour
A collection of diecast tanks and armour. The collection also includes plastic scale models.
Web Site especially for the military modeler of U.S. Army military equipment. (Requires Java)
Military Miniatures Magazine
1/72, 1/76 and 1/87 Smallscale reviews and articles from Ancient, Medieval, Napoleonic, American Civil War, WW1, WW2 and Modern wargaming and modelling
Military Modelling
Magazine for all military modellers, wargames and military enthusiasts.
Missing Links
The goal at Missing Lynx is to provide AFV model builders and historians with an opportunity to exchange information in an open, friendly and easy to use environment.
Model Building WW.II
Scale model gallery featuring a collection of 1/35 scale models and diorama.
Napoleonic Nuts of Singapore
A group of historical miniature wargamers and modellers based in Singapore. Battle reports, modelling techniques and free online rules available.
RTV Modeler
Articles, photos and reviews of military models.
Scale Model Gallery: WWII diorama gallery
Scale Model and WWII diorama gallery focused primarily on armored vehicles. Includes a feature to upload and publish your own military models.
Scale Modelling Gallery
Devoted mainly to displaying a personal collection of scale AFV's. Also includes a tips section, articles and descriptions on scale modeling.
Scale Model galleries focused on AFV's, figures and a collection of Matchbox plastic kits. Contains finished kits and illustration of work in progress kits.
An information library for modellers of the Tiger tank. Includes line drawings, museum photos, articles, accessories, and other related materials.
Track Link
AFV modelling community featuring instructive articles, reviews, gallery, image library and forum.
A World of Military Modelling
Show reports of all major European military related model shows and reference pictures of real life military stuff.
World War I Modeling Page
Pictures, archives, news and product reviews of aircraft, armors, figures and tools and material.

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