Sites in this category cover costumes from the Medieval period, approximately 600-1400AD, in Europe and near areas. This period is also sometimes referred to as the Middle Ages.

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15th Century Female Flemish Dress
Hope Greenberg provides images of women from paintings the 15th century by artists working primarily in the northwestern part of Europe. It is intended to show examples of the predominant trends in upper class clothing from the era.
Topics include clothing from Medieval Scottish Highlands.
Buried with the Friars
Discussion of archeological finds of 14th and 15th century clothing in North-East England (British Archaeology, no 53, June 2000)
The Byzantine World
Information on the Byzantine period, including clothing
Chronology of Medieval Boys' Clothing Styles
A general overview of aspects relating to the topic such as experiences of childhood, cultural influences and class issues. Contains links to more detailed discussions of some sections.
Clothing and Garb from Period Art Work
Provides links to artwork appropriate to use as resources for garb recreation, specifically children's clothes and nursing gear
Dame Helen's Pennsic XXXI Classes
Dame Helen's three classes from Pennsic. Cotehardies from Greenland Gowns, Houpelande Theory Class, and 14th century sewing and textile information.
Echna's 5th Century Irish-Celtic Re-Enactments
Nobility garb of the period. Additional notes on crafts and re-enacting the lifestyle and culture of this time.
Footwear of the Middle Ages
An ongoing examination of the history and development of footwear and shoemaking techniques through the Middle Ages to the end of the 16th century.
The Garb Index
Lists descriptions of, and links to articles on, clothing worn in the past.
General Construction for Houppelandes
Cynthia Thibault's basic layout of the easiest version of a houppelande.
History Pages Isle of Man - Dress
Details of Period Manx dress
House Marsvin's Medieval Pages
Many articles on 14th Century Viking clothing.
Italian Costuming Page
Pictures and explanations of men's and women's garments.
La Cotte Simple
Articles and instructions for making various garments.
Liz Jones Home Page
Articles on making various Italian garments (Balzo, Farsetto).
Mathilde's Little Corner
Photographs and patterns.
Medieval Clothing Pages
A collection of articles and essays on medieval fashion, garments and accessories. Links to related history sites. Author: Cynthia Virtue.
Megge of Caerleon
Several articles describing garb from the 14th and 15th centuries.
Melanie Schuessler's Period Costumes
Research paper on 12th century garb, and some pictures of 15th century garb
Midgard Basic Clothing Standards
Recommended Medieval Garb for Midgard's Public Events
The Needles Excellency
Medieval/Elizabethan weblog focused on needlework and embroidery.
Ravensgard Costuming and Textiles Page
Medieval and Renaissance research, textile weaving and dyes, accessories, jewelry, and supplies. Includes links collection.
Scottish Clothing
Sharon L. Krossa's articles and resources regarding clothing in pre-modern Scotland
Some Clothing of the Middle Ages
Marc Carlson offers 'a cursory examination, for people interested in historical recreation and replication, of the extant archaeological and museum materials relating to clothing in the Middle Ages'.
Understanding Houpelande and Burgundian Clothing Construction
Mistress Corisander's instructions for making 15th century Burgundian and Houppeland gowns. [PDF]
The Viking Answer Lady Webpage
Authoritative details on Viking era garb
The Weeb Site
Patterns, images, history, and links for men's and women's Medieval garb.
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