Spanish Colonial and Mexican Era historical interpretation is very one-sided without the inclusion of music and dancing. Without the fandangos, fiestas and canciones, interpretation of these eras lacks the breath that the true history had. At any good Spanish Colonial or Mexican-era reenactment or living history event, there is always music in the air and dancing going on.

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The New World Baroque Orchestra
Musica, maestro! The NWBO offers a program of historical music, song and dance of the colonial missions, presidios and outposts of Spanish-California and the frontier regions of New Spain. The music performed is carefully transcribed and edited from rare manuscripts and is performed on authentic replicas of original 18th century instruments.
Calicanto Associates
This professional educational organization performs, presents and teaches the songs of California, including early Native American, Mission and Mexican era music. There are sample music, and the album "They Came Singing" is the most appropriate for the period.
Los Californios
Band researches and recreates Spanish-language secular music, including dances, of 18th and 19th century California using original transcriptions from primary sources. A project of San Diego Friends of Old Time Music, a non-profit educational corporation.
Los Californios, The Alta California Orchestra
Playing traditional dance music and songs of the early California mission and gold rush era. They are based in northern Alta California and they recreate the Fandango, dance music of early California, and also an event to be celebrated. Musicians are costumed and play authentic antique instruments.
Los Californios Perform at Roots Festival
La Prensa San Diego reviews the San Diego based music group Los Californios, who performed at the San Diego Roots Festival. (May 02, 2003)
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