This category contains websites of individuals and groups who perform professional stage combat demonstrations and professional jousting at Faires and similar reenactment events.

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Cardiff Rose Entertainments
Reenactment group of fencers and actors based in California. General variety shows and stage combat; demonstrations and instruction of foil, epee, sabre and rapier. Photo gallery.
Don Juan and Miguel
Sixteenth century portrayal of swordsmen Don Juan and Miguel as a stage show for Renaissance Faires and related events. Events schedule, photo gallery, contact information.
The Duelists
Swordfighting and comedy duo, match wit and witticism, insult and innuendo. Schedule, biographies, reviews and show descriptions.
New Riders of the Golden Age
Group from the War Horse Farm in Sarasota, Florida, have jousted professionally at Faires and similar events since 1982, using Belgian, Percheron, Shire, and Clydesdale horses and full suits of replica Sixteenth Century tilting armor which allows riders to engage in an authentic full contact joust. Events schedule.
Order of the Black Rose
Theatrical Combat Group performs fighting of the Medieval and Renaissance Periods for Faires and similar public events in the California Bay area. Descriptions and contact information.
Royal Chessmen
Acting troupe portrays living history through character interaction, staged combat, and living chess games; King Arthur's Round Table to Blackbeard's pirate ship. News, photo gallery, and events schedule.
Seattle Knights Medieval Combat
Northwest's medieval combat troupe with excellent equestrian skills, high-energy acting, and choreographed stage combat using real steel weapons. Knights wear a variety of armor, including chainmail, leather, and full plate with weapons including broadswords, axes, and staves. Photo gallery, events schedule.
Swords of Chivalry
Live steel contact combat troupe performs stage demonstrations of swordsmanship. Membership information, event schedule, training events, safety rules.
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