Groups re-enacting medieval combat, mounted or on foot, for spectacle or sport.

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Collegiate of Knights Templar
English group re-enacting chainmail-era combat. Information on contacts, links and photographs.
Compagnia d'arme Arpa del Diavolo
Italian 14th Century group with information on the society, events, photos, video, links and contact information. [Italian and English]
Compagnia de' Peon
Italian group re-enacting a 13th century popular militia of the Republic of Venice. Information on group, contact details and photographs.
Companions of St George
England, Dorset, combat displays for small local shows and larger events. Information on the society, contact details, photo's and video.
The Erpyngham Retinue
English group of the late 14th to early 15th Century depicting the household of Thomas Erpyngham. Information on contacts, events and bookings, clients, history, education.
Escafeld Medieval Society
A Sheffield, UK, Medieval reenactment group with displays of combat, archery and living history
The Exiles
English group recreating individual hand-to-hand combat of the 14th and 15th centuries. Describes their approach, contact information, articles on combat, events and forum.
Freelancing Knights of Redemption
UK/Ireland based medieval re-enactment combat display group. Information on contacts, photographs and video of events and contracted work.
James Adams Historical Enterprises
Australian medieval group presenting educational school shows, and running medieval martial arts classes. Information on contacts, links and research.
King René's Tournament Book
Medieval French book, René of Anjou's Traictié de la forme et devis d'ung tournoy, in original French and modern English translation, describes a Late Medieval tournament, with equipment and armor, speeches made by participants, and combat rules.
Knights In Battle Medieval Society
English central and Northern England 15th Century reenactment group based around John Howard Duke of Norfolk. Also a 13th Century foot tournament. Information on the society, events and links
The Knights of Royal England
English group presenting jousting and combat shows. Description of group, contact information, photograph gallery.
The Knights of Skirbeck
UK reenactment group based in Boston, Lincolnshire, covering the period 1312-1485. Information on the group, contact details, photos and links.
Medieval Combat Society
English Medieval reenactment tournaments from the reign of Edward III with combat, archery, dancing, feasting and banquets. Information on schedule of training and events, photographs, video and historical information, forum, contacts.
Mercenaries Medieval Combat Guild
Colorado, USA, group dedicated to the research and re-creation of small-scale melee combat during the European Middle Ages using foam and latex weapons. Information on contacts, events, guide and research, links.
Plantagenet Medieval Society
West England based reenactment group who do archery, combat, music and dancing. Information on the group, contact details and pictures.
The Poor Knights of St.Dysmas
English 14th and 15th century bill unit. Contact information, event dates, photographs, historical information.
Silver Flower Company of Archers (Compagnia degli Arcieri del Fiore d'Argento)
Bologna, Italy based group re-enacting a variety of medieval archery styles. Photographs, schedule, archery manual, contact information. Site in Italian and English
Sons of the Dragon
Archery group dedicated to bringing the history of the longbow and the archer to life. Information on the society, events and photographs.
Swords of Chivalry
English late 14th century medieval tournament group. Information on group, contacts, photographs, events list.
Swords of Mercia Re-enactment and Medieval Combat group
Swords of Mercia are a 14th Century Medieval Reenactment and Combat group based around Sheffield and Chesterfield, UK.
Team Falchion
English 14th century medieval retinue of Sir Nicholas de Cantilupe. Information on group, photographs, videos, historical information.
Recreations of a medieval tournament with historical demonstrations of the 14th Century. Contacts, photographs, links and member information.
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