Living History/European/Medieval is the reenactment of times past on or near the continent of Europe during the Middle Ages, via the reenactment of daily living and its activities; games, faires, artisans, duels and combat, first-person interpretations, and so on - through historic research, period garb, and use of an era's common tools and objects. Living History is used to educate others and to remember the good and bad times of our ancestors. Suggestions for sites to be listed are encouraged via the "add URL" label at page top - criticism and comments are very welcome at the "editor" active text at page bottom.

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The American Medievalist Association
A private club in western NY dedicated to recreating life as it existed in 13th century Europe. Includes information about events and membership.
Camlann Medieval Village
A year-round re-creation of a rural village in Somersetshire, southwest England, in the year 1376. Offers entertainment, food, crafts, architecture and culture of medieval Europe in a forest setting.
Early Medieval Alliance
An Alliance of over 26 UK re-enactment societies representing the Three Edwards, covering the 13th and 14th Centuries.
The Grey Company
Group portrays military life in the early Medieval period for reenactment events; membership and contact information, photo gallery.
The Knights Resources Ltd.
An English group re-enacting-for-hire at medieval faires and schools, portraying the late 14th century. Contact information and description of services. They also repair Canon photocopiers.
Northern Medieval Association
Researching and reconstructing aspects of the 5th to the 15th centuries of any culture group.
Information for those interested in the Current Middle Ages. Includes links to articles about heraldry, arms and armour, medieval research and literature, costuming, music, dance and chivalry.
The Scriptorium
A collection of things medieval including a glossary of medieval terms and facts about life in the time.

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