Groups re-enacting the military might of the Roman Republic and Empire.

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Cives Ravraci et Vicani Vindonissenses
A Basel, Switzerland-based group re-enacting second-century (C.E.) civilian life in the Roman city of Augusta Rauraci and legionary life in the nearby legionary camp of Vindonissa. Photos of re-enactments, schedule of events, filmography of movies set in the Imperial era. Some materials German-only.
Legio II Adiutrix (Familia Gladiatoria)
Hungarian group re-enacting Roman era as legionaries and gladiators. Photos of re-enactments, schedule of performances.
Legio VI Ferrata
South Carolina-based group portraying first century (C.E.) Roman garrisons in Judaea and Syria. Requirements for clothing and equipment, patterns for Roman tunics and cloaks.
Legio VI Victrix (The Antonine Guard)
Re-enactment group concentrating on the period of Roman occupation of Scotland in the 1st and 2nd centuries CE. Activities, photographs, group origins, and links.
Legio VIII Augusta MGV
Enthusiasts from Wales and the North of England who aim to authentically depict the civilian and military society of Roman Britain during the late 1st and early 2nd century A.D. Activities.
Legio X Gemina
Nijmegen, Netherlands-based unit re-enacting the first-century (C.E.) legion. Battle history of the original legion, description of equipment, photos of re-enactments.
Hertfordshire, England-based group re-enacting Greek hoplites, Briton warriors and Roman legionaries. Photos of group re-enacting, background information on periods re-enacted.
Legio XIIII Gemina Martia Victrix (Roman Military Research Society)
Display unit: Vexillatio Legionis Geminae, based at Coventry, specializing in recreating Roman life during the latter part of the 1st century AD. Presents civilian and military living history displays throughout Britain. Activities.
Legio XX
Ancient Roman army and civilian life in the Britain in the First Century is reenacted for public events and educational outreach. Based in Washington, DC; general and contact information.
Legion XXIV Media Atlantia
Pennsylvania-based group re-enacting a Roman Legion. Equipment standards, schedule of events, photos of re-enactments, background information on Rome.
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