Recreation Kites Personal Pages
Pages by, or about individual fliers.
Albosta, Andrew
Reports on 3 years of the Smithsonian and other festivals.
Culp, Dave
Sailcraft research and development. High speed sailing development, kite powered sailcraft, links to the Amateur Yacht Research Society.
Didier Ferment
Prolific French designer. Many attractive quad designs.
Gagnon, Daniel
Traction kite designer, using Foilmaker. [French]
Glenn Davison - Kiting USA
A growing collection of resources related to miniature kite making and using kites in the classroom for educational purposes.
Guidolin, David
Canadian two and four line flier. Toronto festival report.
Hansberger, Don
Kite flying in New York.
Heizo Itoh
Japanese master of Hamamatsu Kites.
Hiroshi Hayakawa
Byobu dako (folding screen kites).
Ian Newham
Designer of Blue Fish sport kites. Information on sport kite design, tips for newcomers and setting up a Revolution.
Iasao Ogawa
Japanese master of miniature kite building.
Ichizo Sagawa
Master of the Baramon kite.
Jeroen & Katrien - In2kites
Kite plans, festival calendar, and photo album.
Joanne Baker
Kites 4 Kids. Team Positive Lift of Melbourne, Australia. Aerial Displays, Festivals, School Workshops, Stunt Kite Exhibitions.
Katsutaka Murooka
Builder of modern Japanese kites and KAP enthusiast.
Kazue Tanaka
Tombi-style birds built from sooty bamboo and washi paper.
Keizo Nakano
Third generation builder of Tsugaru kites.
Kensei Kamiunten
Traditional Japanese kite builder.
Kumthon Charungkitkul
A site dedicated to the kites of Thailand.
Masaaki Satoh
Designer and builder of Abu dako, Semi dako, Hachi dako.
Masami Takakuwa
Traditional Japanese kites, kite festivals in Japan, Japanese kite plans.
Masayuki Mori
Japanese builder of bird kites.
Mike Smathers
Single line kite builder.
Mikio Toki
Master builder of Edo kites.
Napravnik, Andreas
Enthusiastic German flier and builder. Galleries of photos from many German festivals.
Nick James
Kites designed by Nick James. Also workshop information, current projects and personal weblog.
Philip Le Riche
The Virtual Kite Zoo - Descriptions, plans, pictures of many kite varieties, a FAQ in itself
Ray Bethell
World champion multiple sport kite pilot.
Red Baron Kite Team
Thijo van Beek makes Red Baron kites in Holland.
Rob Scribner
Kiting pages of Rob Scribner, former captain of the Cutting Edge Kite Team.
Robert Van Weers
New Zealand with pictures of his own creations and several plans.
Ron Hardie
Information on kiting in the Vancouver, British Columbia area. Several photos from BCKA festivals.
Ron Reich
A compendium of Ron's postings to rec.kites.
Roy Reed
Introduction to kite making and history. [Flash]
Sam and Ann Ritter.
Stacked Revolutions and single line kites.
Seiji Sudo
Master builder of the Sanjo Rokkaku, from Sanjo, Japan.
Simo Salanne
Flyer and stunt kite designer from Finland.
Kite weblog showcasing custom kites, builders plans, photos, videos and other information related to kites.
Steve Surette
Canadian flier, his family and festivals.
Teruyuki Yabe and Yaeko Yabe
Modern kite train builders.
Thomas-Michael Rudolph
Includes site with many plans, Information on Codys and German festivals.
Thyssen, Anthony
Kite Workshop where Anthony designs and builds unusual kite designs.
Tom Tinney
This page shows some of the miniature and one not so miniature kites made by Tom Tinney.
Toshiharu Umeya
Japanese builder of modern kite trains.
Toshiyuki Yoshikawa
Third generation traditional Tosa kite builder.
Tsutomu Hiroi
Maker of many kinds of creative kites since 1935.
Van Assen, Bart W.
The kite-flying Dutchman. Well travelled and published flier. [English and Dutch]
Wardley, Andy
Kite flier, designer and movie maker. Known for freestyle and trick flying.
Yasuo Shimura
Traditionally painted Japanese Edo kites.
Yukio Akiyama
Modern creative kites.

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