Recreation Kites Kite Aerial Photography
For sites devoted exclusively to aerial photography taken from kites. Exhibits, technical advice, and how-to's are welcome.

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Adventure Antarctica
KAPing at the geographic South Pole.
Aerial Scotland Kite and Balloon Aerial Photography
Aaron Sneddon is a Helikite operator and kite aerial photographer. Using a Brooxes KAP rig images are captured from up to 200 Metres. The site includes images of castles and monuments in Scotland.
Kite Aerial Photography Services in Scotland. Archaeological and other uses of kites.
Bird Shots
David McGeachy offers kite and poll aerial photography galleries and detailed images of equipment. (Florida USA)
Cees Kuppens KAP the Netherlands
Cees Kuppens from Holland takes pictures with a remote controlled digital camera attached to a kite. Here you can find information about KAP and a lot of aerial pictures of Holland.
Charles Benton
A guide to kite aerial photography including background, equipment, a discussion section, and a gallery of 2,000 aerial photographs (CA, USA).
Dan Russell-Pinson
The experiences of a beginner.
Du Ciel
Kite aerial photography of archaeological sites and other places in the world.
Frank Louwers
KAPing using commercially available kites with home built carbon fibre high-tech rigs. With picture galleries. (Belgium)
George's Kite Aerial Photography
A photographic Index of my Experiences with KAP. Includes Information about History and Techniques. (US)
Kite Aerial Photography
Ultra lightweight camera rig plan, gallery, book reviews and a survey of historic KAP articles.
Kite Aerial Photography gallery and how to's.
kyteman's KAPsite
Kite Aerial Photography ideas and images; camera cradles, KAP rig kits, complete KAP systems custom-made by Brooks Leffler.
Landscapes Kite Aerial Photography - Miron Bogacki
Photo portfolio of Miron Bogacki. On page you can view landscapes, pictures form the air, nature, wildlife and travel photography. Photos taken in Poland, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Egypt, Libya, Lebanon, Ireland, Iceland, Peru, Venezuela and others...
Panoramic Photographs
Collection of old KAP photos held in the Library of Congress.
Roy Latham
Using KAP to build a library of images for texture-mapped graphics (CA, USA).
Scott Haefner's Kite Aerial Photography
Aerial photos and 360 degree virtual reality panoramas taken from a kite. With a brief introduction on equipment.
Kite aerial photography gallery by Gerke Visser, Rene van der Werff and friends.
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