Amusing novelties that have no purpose other than to be odd, funny, strange or stupid. Typically these are "one joke" sites, and they often (but not always) have some element of interactivity, such as a random component.
Amazing Camera
Allows the visitor's computer to take their picture.
The Bob Club
Dedicated to the Bobs of this world and the people who love them.
The Cottage Name Generator
Visitors can find the perfect cottage or cabin name for their wilderness retreat.
Collection of new and innovative smileys ranging from alien to ying yang.
Designed to build up a knowledge base of simple comparative facts. Ask a question, get answers or add a fact.
Fullscreen Technologies
Full screen TV over internet. In English and French.
Jesus Dress Up
Dress up Jesus by dragging the items to him with your mouse.
Love calculator
A simple javascript love calculator to find out a percentage value of love between you and someone else.
Covertly extend your lunch hour with this time-distorting clock.
Past Life Finder
A script that tells you who you were in a past life.
Pokemon Cooking Fun
Fry a cartoon character.
Pop Star Name Generator
Generate convincing sounding stage names to launch a singing career. Also links to name generators for other musical styles.
The Prison Bitch Name Generator
Find out the name that you'll earn when you are incarcerated.
Static Void
An unbalanced tower of kinetic text set to fractal music creating an interesting visual effect.
The Steven Seagal Movie Generator
Randomly creates a movie title and plot by piecing together common elements from this actor's movies.
Stress Relief Pig
A computer generated pig that you can torture to relieve stress.
Stupid Web Tricks
Collection of the stupidest html and java tricks on the web. Sit. Beg. Roll over.
The Surrealist
Randomly humorous online applications covering a variety of bizarre topics.
This Page Cannot Be Displayed
Error message parody explains why your page cannot be found.
Tree House Comics
Featuring a series of "Smiley Wars".
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