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Jedi Master Am I Therefore Normal Rules of Grammar I Do Not Follow
Editorial about the census stunt by Andrew Rilstone.
Telegraph: Jedi Knights force way into census religion list
Jedi Knights, the galactic order of warriors from the Star Wars films, were celebrating a small victory last night in their campaign to be recognised as an official religion. (October 12, 2001)
Savannah Now: Britons check off Jedi Knight when asked their religion on census form
When asked their religious affiliation on the 2001 census forms, many Britons are writing in "Jedi Knight," government officials said Wednesday. (October 11, 2001)
BBC: Jedi makes the census list
A campaign to get people to write the entry on their census forms has succeeded in the term being included on the list of religions for the 2001 UK census. (October 09, 2001)
Register: Jedi Knights achieve official recognition as a religion
Jedi Knights have gained official recognition as a religion in the UK Census 2001. By Kieren McCarthy. (October 09, 2001)
Register: UK Jedi get green light
The census form itself confirms that entering a frivolous faith therein will not result in an appearance before the courts. By Lester Haines. (April 23, 2001)
CNet: E-mail stunt empowers Jedi fans
Star Wars fans in the United Kingdom are stung by an e-mail suggesting that the forthcoming UK Census would recognize Jedi as a religion if enough people put it on the form. (April 17, 2001) Urban Legends: Star Wars Religion Doesn't Make Census
Will filling in 'Jedi' as your religion on census forms cause the government to recognize it as a legitimate faith? A three part series of articles by David Emery. (April 16, 2001)
BBC: Jedi e-mail revealed as hoax
Thousands of Britons receive an e-mail saying the Star Wars Jedi religion will be legally recognised if it has enough census mentions. (April 11, 2001)
Register: May the false declaration be with you
On Sunday 29 April would-be Jedi Knights have a rare opportunity to achieve official recognition for their 'religion'. By Lester Haines. (April 10, 2001)
BBC: The gospel according to Luke (Skywalker)
You may be a fan of the Star Wars films, but are you a follower? Moves are afoot to have the fictitious Jedi philosophy the movies espouse recognised as a proper religion. (March 06, 2001)
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