Humorous personal pages for people with names, last names, site titles or screen names beginning with S.
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Sable's Corner
A collection of jokes, sayings and recipes.
Sakura No Otome
Daily craziness chronicled by Japanese girls.
Small collection of Flash movies and mp3s.
Jokes, games, silly stories and links.
Sean's Website
Personal information, animations and humor.
The Second Best Page in the Universe
Satire and sarcasm from a ninja pirate.
Selina and Barbara's Mambo Mania
Random cute things designed to please.
Shiela Moss
Yahoo-based club and the haunt for a wanna-be humor columnist.
Shlomi Fish
Satirical writing from Israel, featuring politics and popular culture. In English and Hebrew.
Shounen Cheezer and Shojo Neko's Millenium
Furry animals in sailor suits and personal comment and humor.
Free jokes, cartoons, funny stories and humor for everyone to enjoy.
Society for the Prevention of Idiocy
An attempt to expose the idiocy that seems to be ever-present in life.
Sock Monkey
Oddities and shenanigans inspired by and dedicated to sock monkeys.
Souf Oaklin
Features an Oakland Pittsburgh, University theme.
Spank That Monkey
Observations and simple truths concerning human-kind.
Personal rants, reviews and pictures.
The Spoor of Alienjack
Bizarre and often dark humor produced by a man who claims to live on the roof of a box factory. Stories, pictorials, and some non-humorous literature.
Squnk Productions
Emails, pictures and links.
The State of Confusion
Pictures, links and confusing stuff.
Statto-JTA Publishing Corporation
A repository of comedy, quotes and oddities.
Steeb 1014
Humor and college-related stuff.
Stef's Realm
Collected oddities and personal photos.
Humorous writings on business, technology, entertainment and travel.
Stop the Sanity
A site that deals with many important ideas, through humour.
The Stupid College Kid
A broad examination of what students find to be funny.
The Super Wacky Videos
Varied humorous videos in RealPlay or MPEG format.
Celebrity soundboards, movie soundboards, and music.
Comment on news, current events and sport.
Sweet Chilli Sauce
A number of encounters with the conmen of Nigeria and their promises of instant wealth. Plus Letters, jokes and sundry junk.
Synperz Domain
Personal humor, entertainment, and sound and picture files.
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