Humorous personal pages for people with names, last names, site titles or screen names beginning with M.
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Mad Insomniac
Funny pictures, a BBS, chat room and a mailing list.
The Madhouse
Features opinions on world events, jokes, rants, theories and morons.
Movies, pictures, games, and old cartoons from the 80s and 90s.
Musical pages, pets, humor and inspirational words.
Reviews, IRC logs and comment.
Collection of amazing stories, movies, and images.
The Marshmallow Tree
Humorous site containing anime, history of hip-hop, an unofficial interview with N'Sync, dating "tips", plus a section on how to tell if your friend is a marmoset.
Master Crappers
Funny jokes, stories and humorous lists.
Mavis' Hobbit Hole
Lord of the Rings related cartoons.
MCM Magazine
Satirical comment and horrorscopes.
The Mental Relaxorium
Features include Child of the 80's one-liners, sexiest man, Stick Couple, world's worst poetry, and virtual refrigerator gallery.
Mentally Incontinent
Personal comment, a journal and humorous stories.
Midnight Dreamer
Games, neko pics, and other useless ramblings.
Mike Lietz
Humorous articles, odd and cheesy poems, a weblog and other original content.
Mikey's Page
Jokes and personal information.
Ministry of Lamination
Celebrates the transformation of the ordinary into extraordinary. Frequently asked questions, online shop, sound files of laminating various objects, and a historical perspective.
Minor Sage's Desk
What's on my desktop, from a 'Dos-ages' perspective.
Random humor, stout and a weblog.
Moss, Sheila
Newsletter of an online humor columnist. Yahoo! Groups.
The Most Pointless Site on the Net
A site priding itself in serving no point whatsoever.
Mr. Jotz Web Site
Personal and touching stories, humor and observations.
Muffin Fun
Bread product related humor.
My Nightmare
Jokes, humor and comment.
My Repository of Useless Stuff
Featuring a swirly picture, surreal marquee and some links.
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