Humorous personal pages for people with names, last names, site titles or screen names beginning with C.
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Captain Canard
Demented wit, deranged absurdity, and odd humor.
Carpe Cranium Virtualtees
Virtual t-shirts with topics including religion, race, and cultures.
Cathy's Crystal Castle
A spiritual family site with some adult humor wav's on it.
Cave Force
Humorous site where friends rip on each other about getting married.
Funny articles, pictures, video clips, graphics, and writings.
Celebrate Weirdness
Deep thoughts on weirdness and proof that you're a weirdo.
Cervix Microsystems
Some freestyle walking parody pictures, and just some random humorous stuff.
Chicken or Fish?
A mishmush of personal commentaries, parodies, satire, jokes and images.
Christian Bauwens Cartoons
A collection of humorous cartoons.
Chuck Smith's personal humor site, with articles about life, death, and everything else.
Clark Griswold Vacation
Clark Griswold's Inter-national lampoon family vacation to Virginia Beach. Includes trials, tribulations and photos.
The Coffee Scheme
Funny collection of real e-mails concerning the coffee scheme in a University Department.
Col's Corner
Photos, personal stories and antics.
Comedy Diva Diaries
Humorous anecdotes and personal insights of life in showbiz from the diary of a professional comic actress.
Reviews of various items, Simpsons Trivia, quotes, riddles, Darwin Awards, pictures, and useless facts.
Connie Lingus, a French Queen in Taiwan
This personal page is dedicated to the fabulous, wicked, sensual, excentric, French Drag Queen Connie Lingus. Contains humor bills, picture of Connie's shows, and many Drag related links.
The Core
Various ramblings and fiction.
Corey Levitan's Disturbed World
Witness the Playboy reporter make an ass of himself in print, and on the web.
The Coronas
A selection of jokes and car pictures.
Courtney's World
This site has photographs and stuff about myself. Also has books for sale and some graphics and my own comedic writing.
The Cow Pillow
Devoted to stupidity, wackiness and funniness.
Crazy Drunk Guy
RealAudio recordings of a weird drunk guy who calls people at work.
The Crib
A fun site with comics and games.
Croatian Bitches
Humor and jokes from Croatia.
The Crumple Zone
Parodies, news, worst case scenarios, and adventures in a VW bus.
My name is Cygnozan and I like strings.
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