Humorous personal pages for people with names, last names, site titles or screen names beginning with B.
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Humorous custom art work, homemade movies, a comic about teens, and links.
Balmer, Tom - Fishychips
Fish-obsessed links and chat.
The Best Page In the Universe
The many opinions of an insulting pirate named Maddox.
Collected emails, pictures, jones and links.
Biff Bagley
Personal parody site.
Big Bother
A Big Brother parody containing world leaders, a camp comedian, and a puppet.
Big Damn Funny
Personal comment, cartoons and other humor.
The Big Nothing
A look at life, passions, and things that are irritating.
Bill's Free Stuff
Bill's free stuff and entertainment, games, encyclopedia and maps.
Billism's World
Strange activities, personal thoughts and bizarre multimedia.
Bit of Fun
Cartoons, jokes, horoscope, useless news, and fun facts.
Bitterness Within
You can complain, gripe and vent about your anger, pain and frustrations till your hearts content or read what others had to say.
Featuring optical illusions, cartoons, fun quizzes, and puzzles.
Blinman, Nigel
Tribute site containing rants and observations about people's stupidity. Also lists many things that Nigel hates in an amusing manner.
Blue Dog
Jokes about aliens, animals, monsters and vampires.
Blue Hooded Sweatshirt
Essays, stories, advice, rants, experiments, crafts, pirates, and the person of the week.
The Blue M&M
Site containing the artwork of Bean and Cheese and their guests. Also has quotes and photos and joke of the day.
Bob's Invisi Bull Fruit Page
Pictures of Bob's family and stories of his daily escapades.
The Bonkworld Organization
The world of the absurd, original humorous writings and other entertaining and informative tricks and japes.
Book Sox Club
A club dedicated to book sox. Features information on meetings, activities and funny pictures.
Bored in Class
A collection of doodles.
A homage to a boring person.
Odd stories and facts that confuse and impress, plus personal artwork.
Spoofs commercials sent via e-mail, or things like cybersex and current events.
Buso's Home Page
Funny pictures and movies, Metallica and Marilyn Manson pictures and lyrics.
Byron's Stuff
Showcases a very odd sense of humour.
THB's Homepage
A distillation of humor computer information collected from around the Internet.
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