The Amazing Martini3000 Lounge and Rantpage
Humor, rants, drinking, and related silliness.
Ape Culture
The pop culture humor webzine featuring essays, reviews, poetry, and the choose-your-own-celebrity-adventure game.
The ApeSheet
Pop culture publication dissecting music, film, television and the arts.
Ask Braindoodle!
Comment on current events, humorous advice plus photo and illustration galleries.
Astonishing Tales
Reviews, news, advice, and discussions about offbeat and unusual topics.
Humorous and often twisted observations and happenings, including what happens when Garfield has set alight, what dog food tastes like and a homage to Erik Estrada.
Big Damn Funny
Personal comment, cartoons and other humor.
The Big Jewel
Weekly, humorous articles, rants and thoughts, updated Wednesdays.
Bunk Magazine
Advice, fiction, opinions, games and toys, comic strips and satire.
Weblog featuring interesting humorous sites and bizarre new stories.
Includes regular features, funny articles, humorous news archives, and diversions.
Popular culture, sex and relationships.
Musings, commentary, opinions, and drivel from a small band of dedicated sociopolitical observers.
A Comedy Notebook
One liners and visual jokes based on current news topics.
Dark Roasted Blend
Showcases photographs, videos and articles aimed to be read during coffee breaks.
The Darwin Awards
Stories and reports of dumb human stunts that "culled the gene pool".
A humor weblog that both covers comedy news and humorous stories from the press and other sites.
Defenestration Magazine
A literary magazine dedicated to humor.
Short articles, links and a discussion forum.
Articles on popular culture, current events, government conspiracies and spam.
Don't Mind
Rants, reviews, dry humour and pop culture commentary.
Fiction, essays, short skits, cartoons and reviews.
Generally Awesome
A weekly fake news site that also offers humorous writing, comics, and pirate-related humor.
A collection of images, articles, art, links and humor with the occasional monster.
Happy Robot
Features, reviews, articles and humorous photographs, plus a journal and weblogs.
Happy Woman Magazine
A spoof on women's magazines updated daily, with fitness and health tips, advice, games, fiction, video trivia and celebrity interviews.
Houston Progressive
Online collection of free speech, including poetry, political satire and commentary.
Dedicated to making a mockery out of all things adored by the general public.
Indignant Online
Attitude magazine featuring humor, commentary, sports, and sarcasm.
Joe Lavin's Humor Column
Weekly humor columns from Joe Lavin who has written for The Boston Globe, The Denver Post, and Salon. Visit the site and sign up for a free subscription.
Jumbo Dump
Articles, humor and entertainment.
Laughter Loaf
Bi-monthly stories, comment and other humor.
Little Cube News
Essays covering popular culture and personal topics.
Martian FM
Weekly ezine. English humour. Off-beat, irreverent. Visitors get the chance to vaporize a new earthling every week. Jokes, satire, swearing, Nobby the Northern Dinosaur, a shapeshifting editor, and online counselling.
Maximum Awesome
Relationship advice, an ethics column, stories and a personal journal.
Covering diverse topics such as aliens, plastic surgery and mutant vegetables.
Modern Humorist
Comment and satire aimed at the upwardly mobile.
Motel Magazine
Features science, travel, humor, movie reviews, cooking and a bookstore for people who are made mostly of water.
Musings From The Bottle
Weekly satirical columns featuring relationships, politics, pets and family life.
Striving to undermine truth, justice, and the American way with humor, satire, weird news, headlines, comedy, twisted fiction, rants, and columns.
None More Comic
Offbeat comic zine features original comics, humorous articles, short stories, poetry, an online journal and links.
Prehensile Tales
Prehensile Tales is a weekly humor ezine dedicated to making you soil your pants.
Random Access Humor
Politically incorrect jokes and humor, sporadically updated.
The Red-headed League
Devoted to bringing you the most important red-headed news, and the most trivial online cartoons, and comics.
Free online entertainment with humor, movies, books, puzzles, sci-fi and fantasy, and computer games.
A humor and creative writing magazine with stories and satire.
Ship of Fools
"The Magazine of Christian Unrest" - Christian humor magazine.
Something Awful
Comment on geekdom, celebrities, and politics plus reviews and photoshopped pictures.
Spite Magazine
A forum for pettiness and contempt.
Offbeat stories about celebrities, popular culture and entertainment.
Toxic Custard Workshop Files
History of the world, computing definitions, a really silly encyclopedia, and the diary of an average Australian.
Wasting time since 1999. Sporadically updated.
Vowel Movement
Comment and chat about television, films and life.
World of Kitsch
Exploring the excesses of tacky objects, entertainment and celebrities.
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