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007 Jokes
Blonde, redneck, lawyer and gender jokes. Also offers a weekly newsletter.
101 Fun Jokes
Jokes arranged by category, plus the latest arrivals.
Categorised selection of jokes, also accepts submissions from visitors.
A-Z Jokes
A collection of jokes by alphabetized categories.
Adult Joke Rating Machine
Visitor-rated and categorised jokes on a variety of topics.
All The Jokes
A large number of jokes arranged into categories, with a searchable database. Users can vote on each joke.
Average Joe Shmoe
Provides jokes, humor and free games.
Includes jokes, cartoons and other funny stuff in a searchable database.
A Collection of Jokes
Around three hundred jokes accessed via a Java applet.
Coop's Jokes
Jokes, lists, amazing facts, yo mommas, blondes, and jokes by email.
Collection categorized by theme and rated by users.
Cyberslayer Jokes
A large archive of email jokes from the 1990s.
Dazzlin' Derek's Jokepage
A collection of jokes on many topics from frogs to JFK.
Deep Lake Joks
Collection of jokes, including lists and letters.
The Dirty Joke
Jokes about men, women, relationships, blondes and Clinton.
Dirty Joke Rating Machine
A collection of jokes about sex, relationships, politics, lifestyles and religion.
Doughboy's Doughpage Of Jokes
Includes a collection of jokes, and funny pictures.
Features clean jokes, dirty jokes, and allows you to e-mail a joke to your friends.
Funny Forwards
Includes funny forwards, jokes and other humor.
Funny Jokes and Pictures
Categorised humor.
Funny Stuff
Blog with regular postings of funny videos, pictures and jokes.
Jokes and other funny stuff online, with a log-in feature that tracks the jokes you've already read.
Collection of jokes, humorous pictures, Flash games and a daily mailing list.
A collection of SMS jokes in India.
Got Funny Pictures
Collection of funny pictures and videos.
Includes Yo Mama, blonde, animal, marriage, and Little Johnny.
Great Clean Jokes
Collection of categorised jokes, videos, cartoons and memes.
Internet Joke Database
A large database of user submitted clean and dirty jokes. Features a clean modern layout, a large variety of joke categories, and a search filter.
Jester 2.0
A collaborative filtering system for recommending jokes.
Jim's Joke Repository
Thousands of jokes including canonical lists, computer, business, school, Clinton, and holiday jokes and sad-but-true stories.
Large collection of categorised humor.
John's Jokes
A collection of jokes, funny instructions, and links.
Joke and Fun
Collection of jokes arranged by category.
The Joke Archives
Humor collection with over a thousand categorized jokes.
The Joke Box
Database of user-submitted jokes, sorted by category and rated for quality.
The Joke Jukebox
Collection of categorized jokes with rating system.
Collection of jokes and funny one-liners covering various topics. Offers a joke / speech writing service.
The Joke Yard
A collection of clean and not-so-clean jokes.
Jokes sorted by category and rated by visitors.
A Jokes
Provides directory of joke categories.
Jokes 'N Jokes
Jokes, cartoons, trivia and quotes.
Jokes and Humor
Searchable archive of 100's of jokes, which you can rate on a scale of one to ten.
Jokes Database
A large archive of jokes in 30 categories.
Jokes Factory
Collection of jokes.
Jokes For Free
Jokes, funny pictures and a mailing list. Run by a professional comedian.
Library of jokes, arrange by category.
Collected text jokes, plus Flash games and a web log.
Database of jokes in many categories plus a humor mailing list.
Jokes, news, forums, movie reviews and links.
Collection of categorised jokes, one liners, puns, and witty quotes. Updated daily with joke of the day.
Laugh Factory
Jokes, one liners, and lists.
Laugh IT Out
A collection of funny jokes, pictures and quotes. Updated daily.
A variety of subjects that allows surfers to give ratings.
Lightbulb Jokes
Hundreds of light bulb jokes and light bulb related humor.
Lots of Jokes
Has both clean and dirty jokes in hundreds of categories, plus a chat room and discussion forum.
MadCool Entertainment Jokes Center
Jokes in various categories such as blonde, "you know you're...," yo momma, computer, computer, sports, and religious. Also offers joke submission.
Maddog's Jokes
Collection of jokes, images, and short animated clips ranging from clean to dirty humor.
Contains collection of jokes organized by type including blonde, sports and annoying.
My Collection of Jokes
A collection of many types of jokes.
Notable Quotables
Features jokes from several late night talk shows, including The Tonight Show and Late Night.
One Fun Site
Funny pictures and jokes, updated daily. Also includes cartoons, greetings and funny animal humor.
One Line Fun
One line jokes that can be voted up or down by the reader. Sorted by topic and top rated.
Oz Jokes
Collection of jokes, true stories, and funny pictures.
Perpetrator X
Various categories, including jokes for children and clean humor, plus topics on the workplace, relationships, religion and sport.
Pun of the Day
Collection of puns submitted and voted for by readers. Arranged by topic and popularity.
Ray's Funny Stuff
A collection of jokes, animation, and funny lists.
A humour portal with thousands of jokes and other articles, news, literature, and humor links.
Reality's Joke Page
Jokes, comics and real audio humor. Get free jokes in your email or and your own to the joke forum.
Hundred of jokes about a wide range of topics including school, animals, and boys and girls.
Senior Citizen Humor
Laughter is the best medicine. A collection of Over-the-hill, Old Age and Senior Citizen Jokes, Cartoons and Funny Photos. Jokes.
A collection of jokes concentrating on politics, society and business.
Surfer Sam
Jokes, humor, words of wisdom, quotations and fun.
Tarzan's Tripes Forever, and Other Feghoots
Collection of puns, shaggy dog stories, feghoots and groaners.
Database of jokes including a voting system and multiple search options. Also features funny tests, humorous definitions, and magic.
Jokes rated by visitors to the site.
Categorised quips, jokes and humorous saying suitable for sending by SMS text.
Vicky's Jokes
Categorised jokes covering a variety of topics. Visitors can submit their own material.
Wasted your time
Collection of jokes, funny videos and other cool stuff updated daily.
Whimsical Wits
Jokes, puns, one-liners, quotes, Jewish humor, limericks plus a mailing list.
Wocka Jokes
A collection of user submitted and user ranked jokes, arranged by category.
Wombatcreek Joke Pages
Text-based jokes designed for fast downloading and copying into email.
World's Funniest Jokes Club
Collection of categorised and random jokes.
You Think Jokes
Displays individual jokes and allows users to vote on them. Also features top-rated jokes and accepts joke submissions.
Includes jokes about blondes, lawyers, funny lists, and bumper stickers.
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