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Computer Programming Humor
Jokes, oneliners, and prank definitions.
Computer Stupidities
Collection of stupid chunks of C source code and reports of encounters with less-than-bright apprentice programmers.
The Daily WTF
Offers daily posts of user-submitted examples of bad code and software design.
Epigrams in Programming
List of 120 programming-related aphorisms.
The Evolution of a Programmer
Programming style and how it evolves as programmers mature from junior high students to senior managers.
Fifty Ways to Hose Your Code
A song kind of by Paul Simon.
Hacker's Wisdom
Collection of programming humor and computer folklore classics.
Holger's Humor Page
Why is C++ programming like teenage sex? What's the difference between a software developer and a drug dealer? When will operator overloading be added to Java? This page has the answers.
How to Shoot Yourself in the Foot
Showcases how to shoot yourself in the foot using several programming languages.
Jargon File
Programmer slang dictionary, containing more than 2000 not-quite-serious definitions and a number of programmer folklore anecdotes. Hosted by Eric S. Raymond.
Laugh Along with GNU
Designed to provide some laughs to the working hackers - large collection of GNU/programming humor.
Programming Languages are Like Women
Mildly sexist metaphorical languages lineup.
Real Programmers Don't Use Pascal
Classic Datamation article by Ed Post.
Reflections on Trusting Trust
An ACM classic: UNIX coinventor Ken Thompson reports on how he hacked his own C compiler.
The Retrocomputing Museum
Eric S. Raymond's list of outdated, obscure, or deliberately unusable programming languages, compilers, and interpreters.
Softpanorama Humor Archive
Open-source related humor, dissing (among others) Linus Torvalds, RMS, ESR, vi, and Perl.
Quotations from various programmers about programming. Includes a quotes search, newsletter, and index of quotes by person quoted.
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