Parodies of Websites etc. - not general parodies.

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100 Monkeys and the SIMI Project
Hoping to harness the power of idle time around the world, the goal is simple: Get one of our monkeys to type a Shakespearean sonnet.
Amazing Ribbon-O-Matic
Generate your own totally customizable protest ribbon.
Click Here You Idiot
A parody of the typical sales letter web site that talks the visitor into buying their get-rich-quick guide.
For Sale By Mental Patient
Auction site run by self described mental patient, with much to sell.
Free ISP with a full money back guarantee, for Barry Manilow fans.
Hate Book
An anti-social utility that allows to publish the things you hate, and connects haters.
Spoof dot-bomb company. Site includes a Sundance Festival-nominated mockumentary.
Lorem Ipsum 2.0
Use social networks to create placeholder text.
The Manly Things
A list of all the manly things known to a true man.
Not The White House
Parody of, expanding the ideal of transparency.
The page cannot be fucking displayed
Parody 404 message, written by someone who has been asked to "take a short look" too often.
Preparing for Zombies
Common sense advice for preparing for a zombie invasion, and information on what the government is doing to protect the country as a whole.
Real Ultimate Power Parody Directory
A list of parodies of the famed Real Ultimate Power ninja website.
Rudee Valley
Explore a town full of fake businesses, from pill shops to burger joints.
Slimeware Corporation
Demonstrating the seedier side of web marketing, e-commerce and revenue generation.
Tiac/PSInet Sucks
Humorous site commemorating a truly awful ISP. Includes Company Song, FAK, and Jump-List.
Parody of the popular Wikipedia encyclopedia in more than fifty languages.
Yahpoo! Geoshities
Get free web hoisting now. Parody of Yahoo Geocities.

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