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A&A Engraving Inc.
Fine custom gun engraving, limited edition commemorative firearms, antique firearms restoration and handmade display cases.
Alfano, Sam
Exhibition grade engraving on the world's finest firearms, knives, and jewelry.
Creative Art
Engravers located in Gardone Valletrompia, Italy offer engraving on hunting sporting shotguns.
Custom Jewel Shop
Providing precision jeweling of gun bolts, barrels, magazines, knives for a custom look. Includes pictures.
DeLorge, Ed
Gun engraving and custom gun building.
Downing, Jim
Custom engravings for firearms and knives. Scrimshaw is also available. Specializing in historic recreations of classic engraving styles.
Duguet, Thierry
Hand engraving of knives, firearms and other engravable objects.
The Firearms Engravers Guild of America is the recognized source of information on American engravers and engraving. The site contains Guild information, membership application, and photo galleries of member's work.
Flannery, Jeff
Knife, gun, and motorcycle part engraving, custom pistol grips, specialized finishes, and photography.
Francolini, Leonard
Elaborately engraved firearms inlaid with gold and silver scroll work, portraits, and action scenes. Technical descriptions of engraving procedures, inlay, and design.
Gournet, Geoffroy
Engraving on sport firearms, knives, jewelry.
Gouse, Michael
Gun engraving specializing in Nimschke, German, and American style scrollwork.
GRS Tools
Gun, knife, and jewelry engraving supplies including GraverMax and Gravermeister impact power engraving machines.
Harris, David Wade
Engraving all types of guns and knives, using handmade tools to make elaborate engravings. Includes slide show.
J.M.B. Distribution
Laser engraved pistol grips with great detail, and fully transferable legal machine guns.
Lindsay Hand Engraving and Tools
Premier engraver, knifemaker as well as inventor of the Air Chasing Graver. Exhibition grade gold inlay, wildlife scenes, and various scroll decorations on only the finest knives, guns and jewelry.
Pedretti, G. S.
Offers hand engraving of knives and firearms in the traditional Italian style. Located in Brescia, Italy.
Pozzobon, T.
Engraving of knives, shotguns, and rifles. Photo galleries showing a variety of styles.
Rosser, Bob
Custom hand-cut engraving of jewelry, knives, holloware, and guns.
Woody, Dale
Engraving in the factory styles of the old American West.
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