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Above and Beyond Firearms Training
Offers CCW concealed carry weapons training and firearm safety. Includes a schedule, class descriptions and fees from Reno, Nevada USA.
Academy of Tactical Training Systems
Offers personal safety and defensive firearms training to civilians along with advanced and tactical training to professionals. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada.
Aero-Tech Firearms
Offering firearm training, concealed carry weapons, and hunter education classes. Piedmont, South Carolina USA.
Albert Cochrane Shooting School
Offers professional instruction in game and clay shooting in the United Kingdom. Pimperne, Blandford, Dorset England.
AllSafe Defense Systems
Offers basic and advanced training in unarmed self defense and tactical firearms. Orange, California USA.
Appi, Angelo: Connecticut Firearms Safety
Provides instruction for pistol permit classes, security blue cards and bail enforcement agent training from North Haven, Connecticut USA.
Arizona Defensive Firearms Training (ADFT)
Offers CCW renewal classes, defensive handgun training and firearm safety. Phoenix, Arizona USA.
Armed Personal Defense Institute (APDI)
Offers training for CCW certification and advanced firearms training for personal protection. Scottsdale, Arizona USA.
Firearms training, CCW classes, self defense, and competition instruction. Starr Valley, Nevada USA.
Associated Gun Trainers
Basic firearms instruction and conceal carry permit classes in Alexandria, Virginia USA.
Batha, Chris
Instructor and gunfitter offers clay shooting schools and instruction in the Churchill Style of Instinctive Shooting. Okatie, South Dakota USA.
Bay Area Firearms Training Group
Courses in home firearm safety, basic pistol, shot gun, handgun safety certificate, and other introductory classes. Burlingame, California USA.
Bay Area Professionals for Firearms Safety (BAYPROFS)
Offers classes in firearms safety, basic pistol, and personal protection in Campbell, California USA.
Blandford, Glenn: Firearms Training
Offering tactical, advanced and basic firearms training. DCJS trained and NRA certified; concealed carry class, NRA courses, survival shooting simulations, classes for women, and individual instruction. Ruther Glen, Virginia USA.
Block, Greg: Self Defense Firearms Training
Law enforcement instructor offers basic to advanced firearms training from Huntington Beach, California USA.
Bransford, Ross and Dottie
Certified instructors offers concealed handgun license classes, use of force, non-violent dispute resolution, and basic marksmanship training in Austin, Texas USA.
BullsEye Tactical Firearms Training
Firearms training in the basic handgun safety, personal protection, CCW, advanced handgun, basic rifle safety, assault rifleman, and precision marksman courses. Castella, California USA.
Canadian Firearms
A certified instructor administers the Canadian Firearms Safety Course as a prerequisite for the Canadian Possession and Acquisition License. Features a training video and mobile testing unit and schedule.
Canadian Firearms Training
Information on Canadian firearm laws and licenses as well as services related to the Canadian firearms safety courses and exams.
Canovi and Associates
Concealed Carry training classes and certified pistol, shotgun, and rifle advanced training. Springfield, Missouri USA.
CCW Solutions
NRA and MCOLES accredited instructors offering firearm training for all skill levels. Oxford, Michigan USA.
The Concealed Carry Institute
An online firearms safety class that meets the requirements of USA Virginia law to qualify individuals for obtaining a resident or non-resident Virginia Concealed Handgun Permit.
Cumberland Tactics
Handgun, shotgun, rifle and law enforcement classes. Mobile training facility. Goodlettsville, Tennessee USA.
Davies, Casey: Firearms Instructor
Firearms Instructor, offers Utah Concealed Carry Permit course at your home or business. Based in Cottonwood Heights, Utah.
Dean Gamburd Firearms Consultant
Rangemaster and NRA & DOJ Certified instructor in Los Angeles, California USA.
Defense Associates
Offers ASAA and LFI firearms and lethal force management courses in Fairfield, Connecticut USA.
Denton County Sports Association
Indoor handgun range offering beginner pistol, concealed handgun license and hunter education classes. Argyle, Texas USA.
Double Tap Training Center
Provides instruction in gun safety and firearms training for recreational shooting, competition, hunting, home safety, and personal protection. Granada Hills, California USA.
Eagle Personal Protection
Offers firearms and personal protection training and related products. Mio, Michigan.
Ector, Rick: Rick's Firearm Academy of Detroit
NRA certified firearms instructor conducts firearms safety and CCW/CPL classes in southeast Michigan USA. Features testimonials, schedule, and class photos.
Eddie Eagle Safety Program
NRA program designed to educates children about the four important steps to take if they find a gun. The purpose of the program is to promote the protection and safety of children.
Elite Arms Training
Elite Arms Training is the firearms training school that caters to the needs of the business executive or professional. Lumberton, Mississippi USA.
EXCEL Firearms Training Center
Offers CCW permit classes in Sierra Vista, Arizona USA.
Farnham, John: Defense Training International, Inc.
Defensive handgun, shotgun and rifle training in LaPorte, Colorado USA.
Firearms Academy of Seattle
Offers firearms instruction using efficiency and realistic challenges, reaction targets, mock houses and low light training near Centralia, Washington USA.
Front Sight Firearms Training Institute
Offers self defense firearms training courses in Aptos, California USA.
GPS Sniper School
Provides sniper training to military, qualified civilians, and government snipers under a GSA contract near Phoenix, Arizona USA.
Gun For Hire
Defensive training facility features home invasion seminars, firearms training, and Krav-Maga combat and JuJitsu unarmed combat training and a store. Belleville, New Jersey USA.
Heritage Shooting, Inc.
Promotes the shooting sports by educating the public and especially the youth in hunter safety, ethics and to encourage the rights of American citizens to own and bear arms.
Hoffners Training Academy
Offers defensive training for firearms, hand to hand, and tactical knife. Houston, Texas USA.
Janssen Fabricating Enterprises
Gunsmith, firearm training, and welding services in Grand Rapids, Minnesota USA. Features a calendar schedule of classes offered.
Kawelmacher, Vicki: The Women's Shooting Academy
A women's only school for firearms, self defense, and personal protection training. Sparks, Nevada USA
KR Training
Gun training courses for competition and self-defense in Bryan, Texas USA.
Lady's Wood Shooting School
Offers firearms instruction for youth and adults. South Gloucestershire, England.
Lethal Weapons Training Academy
Offering gun tactics and techniques from McKean, Pennsylvania USA.
Liberty Firearms Training
NRA certified instructors offer firearms safety classes at various locations in the Elk Grove and the Greater Sacramento area of California USA.
Linenbach, John: Tactrainers
Certified instructor providing defensive skills and firearms training for all skill levels in Central California USA.
Lone Star Weapons And Tactics
Private training facility encompassing all aspects of military and law enforcement firearms training. Devine, Texas USA.
Mass Firearms School
Offering firearms safety certification required for Massachusetts permits Class A, Class B, or FID Card, NRA basic pistol, rifle, firearm safety, and personal protection classes. Mansfield, Massachusetts USA.
MN Pistol Class
Basic handgun and concealed carry permit training in Circle Pines, Minnesota USA.
New Jersey Firearms Academy
Offers courses in firearm safety and marksmanship education to civilians, law enforcement, and security in Jersey City, New Jersey USA.
North Texas Shooting Academy (NTSA)
Handgun training for self-defense, concealed-carry, law enforcement, and competition shooting in Allen, Texas USA.
Patriot Outdoors
Training center features firearms ranges and training, trap and skeet, paintball, rock climbing, and sale of firearms related merchandise. Clovis, New Mexico USA.
PCF Training
Provides use of force and tactical instruction to law enforcement, security professionals, military personnel, and qualified private citizens. Las Vegas, Nevada USA.
Penaz, Joe: Plane Cents Self Defense
Permit to Carry training courses taught by AACFI certified instructors in Waconia, Minnesota USA.
Permit to Carry
Offers CCW classes and NRA pistol training in Minnesota and North Dakota. Menahga, Minnesota USA.
Personal Defense Training
Basic to advanced training in shooting, unarmed self-defense and edged weapons to individuals, corporations, law enforcement and military personnel. Not a public shooting range. Norcross, Georgia USA.
Personal Responsibility, Inc. (PRI)
Private facility that offers firearms and tactical training. Nashville, Tennessee USA.
Practical Firearms Training
Pat Goodale, offers courses for shooters at all levels of experience and skill in the ares of marksmanship, gun handling, and tactics. Covington Virginia USA.
Proactive Shooters
Offers firearms training and concealed handgun permit classes in Richmond, Virginia USA.
Profire USA
Firearms academy offering basic, concealed carry, defensive handgun and instructor training including the full spectrum of NRA courses in Colorado USA.
Project ChildSafe
A nationwide program whose purpose is to promote safe firearms handling and storage practices among all firearms owners through the distribution of key safety education messages and free gun locking devices.
Offers a full range of firearms educational programs in Memphis, Tennessee USA.
RLR Firearms Instruction
Firearms training and instruction, specializing in certification for obtaining carry permits. Located in Parkersburg, West Virginia USA.
Rogers Shooting School
Specializing in reactive shooting training using high speed moving targets system in Ellijay, Georgia USA.
Shoot-N-Iron Academy
Practical defensive shooting and training for handgun, rifle, and shotgun ranges utilizing stationary, reactionary, and moving target systems. Shawnee, Oklahoma USA.
Sierra Firearms Training
Offers Utah CCW permit courses in Placerville, California USA.
Sig Sauer Academy
Courses in Personal Protection, Gun Safety, as well as expert law enforcement training. Epping, New Hampshire USA.
Silvercore Advanced Training Systems
Provides CFSC/CRFSC firearms, personal safety, and CORE hunter education training from Delta, British Columbia Canada.
Sportsmen's Association for Firearms Education
New York organization exists to educate and inform the general public, media, and elected officials concerning various aspects of lawful firearms ownership in American society.
Tactical Response
Defense training classes that emphasize defensive mindset and tactical shooting. Big Sandy, Tennessee USA.
Tactical Shooting Academy
Features instruction in the Fist-Fire method of close encounter handgun shooting, handgun safety, concealed carry, force on force, shoot-don’t shoot and the ISR matrix. Surry, Virginia USA.
A fighting school providing defensive training using various lethal tools for law enforcement, military, civilians and personal protection personnel. Phoenix, Arizona USA.
Targething Firearms Training
NRA certified firearms and CCW training classes. Wayland, Ohio USA.
Terra Nova Armoury
Training institution provides a firearms safety course and the hunter education program to individuals seeking to obtain Canadian firearms license and Ontario hunting license.
Thunder Ranch
Provides personalized training for civilian, corporate, law enforcement or military clients in defensive firearms and tactical skills in Lakeview, Oregon USA.
Top Gun Handgun Training and Shooting Center
Offers group classes and private instruction in handgun training and concealed handgun license and renewal classes. Houston, Texas USA.
Top Gun Training Centre
Offers techniques and tactical applications of various weapon systems. Courses include tactical pistol and shotgun, rifle patrol and executive protection in Huntington Beach, California USA.
Trigger Time
Provides firearms training to federal agencies, the defense department, state and local police, and the security industry. Carthage, North Carolina USA.
Ultimate Protection Academy
Offers firearms training in handgun, shotgun, rifle, and refuse to be a victim personal safety classes. Macomb, Michigan USA.
Viking Tactics
Offers tactical pistol and rifle instruction. Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA
Wagner, Warren: Firearms Instructor
Certified Instructor offers a variety of NRA firearms training classes in Central Florida USA. Features a schedule of classes.
Walton and Associates : Firearms Training Division
Offers Ohio concealed carry weapons classes for a CCW license in Wadsworth, Ohio USA.
Wild West Traders
Gun shop and shooting range features classes in gun safety, home defense, and private lessons. Rental guns, targets, eye and ear protection and ammunition is available. Marietta, Georgia USA.
You Can Carry
Resource site proving concealed carry weapons (CCW) information, news and events.
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