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Personal pages are the work of one person, or in some cases, a small group of people. This category lists sites that reflect personal perspectives on wine.

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The Artist Labels
A gallery of Chateau Mouton wine bottle labels, with artist identification, from 1945 to the current bottled year. Includes a history of the labels.
Basic Juice
Literate and irreverent romp through the wine world by an enthusiast and educator.
The Caveman's Wine Blog
Thoughts and ramblings about wine.
Dr Bacchus
Opinionated columns, tasting notes, and a virtual wine of the month club. Also includes a categorized list of links.
Dr. Vino
Enthusiast with a Ph.D. in the political economy of the industry offers tasting notes and articles about "wine politics."
Geovino World of Wine
Helps people select wines, by providing information about regions, varieties, labels, tasting notes, and suggested tasting programs.
Offers information about wine from an early 20th century perspective.
Katherine Cole
Beverage and food columnist. Includes a list of past clients and brief background.
New York Vines, Wines and Dines
The Silk Road of Wine
A wine blog exploration of world wine and viticulture through travels and tastings.
The Stupids
Two California enthusiasts offer tasting notes using the "Three Stooges" rating system, along with articles and recipes.
This Heaven Gives Me Migraine
Wine tasting thoughts.
Tasting notes, very filtered wine links and some humor.
Untangled Vine
An attempt to sort through all things wine.
Vinography: a wine blog
Wine and food adventures in San Francisco and around the world.
Vintage Voice
Wines of the month, tasting notes, Boston Wine Expo reports and "The Unofficial Punt FAQ".
A couple's trips to various wineries in the New York and Pennsylvania area.
Whitley on Wine
Wine news and reviews by wine guru Robery Whitley. Wines are rated and posted weekly.
Wine Cellar
Syndicated columnist, author, educator, and tour leader Alex Eberspaecher provides a biography, information about his services, and some reviews.
The Wine Labels World
Belgian enthusiast shares a large wine label collection, in six languages.
Wine of the Week
Enthusiast Hannu Lehmusvuori combines tasting and information with art and music. Includes an archive dating to 1997 and a long list of links.
Offers information on wine, sharks, food, dining in Dallas, TX, PC and RP gaming, and marine conservation.
Yak Shaya's Wine Pages
Hundreds of wine tasting notes as well as gourmet food adventures by a serious Burgundy buff from Israel.
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