Informational weblogs focused primarily on tea. Examples include tea reviews, varieties, history, culture, preparation, and serving.

39 Steeps
Tasting notes and reviews of loose-leaf tea, focusing on U.S. tea culture.
Alex Zorach's Tea Blog
Topics and opinions related to tea and herbal tea.
Association of Tea Bloggers
An association of active bloggers writing about tea; site has a list of member tea blogs and an aggregated feed of member blogs.
Weblog focusing on Pu-erh tea.
Black Dragon Tea Bar
Brett Boynton, founder of the Black Dragon Tea Bar in Seattle, Washington, writes about Chinese tea culture.
A journal of tea and tea culture, with posts by various authors.
Discovering Tea
Accounts of François-Xavier Delmas, founder of Le Palais des Thés; travel in and descriptions of tea-producing regions; rich in photographs.
Gongfu Girl (Cinnabar)
Articles about tea, world tea culture and traditions, teaware, and occasional reviews.
The Half-Dipper
Tea tasting notes, often focusing on Pu-erh and occasionally other Chinese teas, haiku, musings, and photography.
Ken Macbeth Knowles' weblog about tea.
Life in Teacup
Gingko Seto's writings and photographs about tea drinking and tea production, often focusing on Life in Teacup's products, which focus on Chinese teas.
MattCha's Blog
Tasting notes and detailed discussion of tea culture and processing, often focusing on Korean teas.
My Steeped IdentiTEA
Brittiny Lawson's tea reviews and experiences pertaining to tea.
Pluck Tea
Focusing on Chinese tea culture, gong fu cha, and Chinese language surrounding tea.
The Purrfect Cup
Tea reviews and a broad range of writings relating to tea.
Sir William of the Leaf
Tea reviews and tea-related subjects, by William Dietz.
Steph's Cup of Tea
Writings and photographs, focusing on tea, food, travel, and environmental issues.
Straight From The Leaf
Verna Hamilton's writings about tea and a wide range of related topics.
A Tea Addict's Journal
Journal focused on tea drinking, especially aged Chinese teas including Pu-erh. Formerly MarshalN of Xanga.
Tea For Me Please
Tea reviews, with occasional informational posts about tea.
Tea Geek Blogs
Weblog presenting a critical and thoroughly-researched perspective on tea culture and science.
Tea Goober
Tasting notes on traditional teas from China, Korea, and Japan, with a large emphasis on Pu-erh.
Tea Guy Speaks
Tea news and reviews in a weblog format.
Tea Happiness
Tea reviews and related writings, often focusing on tea vendors based in New York City.
Tea Masters
Bilingual blog, French and English, focusing on traditional Chinese tea culture and Gong fu cha.
Tea Nerd
Tasting notes on teas, especially traditional Chinese teas, and some discussion on the science of tea.
Tea Obsession
Imen of Tea Habitat writes about traditional Chinese teas, teaware, and tea culture.
The Tea Urchin
Journal of travels through China's Yunnan province, focusing mostly on regions of ancient tree Puerh production.
Walker Tea Review
Video reviews of tea, with brief written summaries.
World of Tea
Weblog run by Tony Gebely of Chicago Tea Garden, covering tea-related topics, including reviews, culture, production, sourcing, and travel.
Wrong Fu Cha
Weblog, with photos and video, focusing mostly on tea culture and teas from China, Japan, and Taiwan.
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