Cocktails are mixed alcoholic drinks consisting of a liquor such as gin, vodka, brandy, rum, tequila or whiskey that is combined with fruit juices and other liquors or mixes. Cocktails are often served in special glassware or with a unique garnish.

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52 Martinis
Reviews of cocktail bars, cocktail classes and spirits shops in Paris. Cocktail culture blog.
About Cocktails
A to Z index, history, party planning, newsletter and forum. General cocktail related information.
Articles about trends in cocktails and spirits, bartenders, drink recipes, and general cocktail industry analysis.
Cocktail recipes, wine of the month, spirit of the month, information on serving drinks.
American Drink
Articles, stories and essays about drinking and spirits.
A Bar Above
Videos and resources about bartending and mixology techniques and cocktail design.
Bar-None Drinks
Recipes for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, drinking games, user forums, and mixing tips.
Cocktail recipes, jokes and games. Information about responsible drinking and possibility to send an e-postcard.
Cocktail recipes from bartenders and mixology experts. History of popular mixed drinks.
Cocktail recipes, drinking games, bar reviews and a discussion forum.
Bartender Magazine
Industry information for bartenders. Recipes, monthly news, bulletin boards, classified ads, chat forum.
Reference and education for cocktail servers. Information on beverages, wines, cocktails, standard bar service and procedures.
Bartending News Flash
Companion blog to Progress Bar Events running out of Portugal. Flair bartending news, cocktail news and trends.
Cocktail recipes, spirit and beer lists. Drink menus, and local cocktail events worldwide.
Bols Cocktails
Cocktail recipes and information about company's products, competitions and bartending advice.
Craft cocktail recipes and history, bottle reviews, cocktail and spirit events.
Bottoms Up
Videos on how to make many cocktails, including history and bartending advice. [Requires Flash]
The Cocktail Chronicles
Recipes, news and reviews from Seattle-based cocktail enthusiast and writer Paul Clarke.
Cocktail Crafty
A blog focused on home bartending, drink recipes, and local bar reviews.
Cocktail Enthusiast
A blog with drink recipes and liquor product reviews.
The Cocktail Lovers
Reviews of London's bar scene including products, bars, bartender interviews and drink recipes.
Cocktail Times
Drink and cooking recipes, advice for setting up a bar and bartending information.
Cocktails And Shots
Cocktail recipes and pictures. Public submitted recipes, interactive cocktail builder.
Cocktails From Around The World - Interactive Guide
Interesting cocktail facts in an interactive guide.
Advice, tips, and recipes for the home bartender.
A Dash of Bitters
Mixology musings, cocktail preparation, drink ingredients, vintage liquor ads.
Digital Bartender
Recipes, drinking games and an email newsletter.
Dr. Pepper/Snapple Group Product Facts
Drink recipes utilizing Rose's drink mix products, and other mixers.
Collection of cocktail related articles and liquor information. Some cocktail recipes and drinking games.
Collection of mixed drink recipes. Ccocktail browser, search by ingredient, martini section, bartending information, drink recipe forums. Weekly feature recipes, photos.
Newest drink recipes added to the database. [RSS]
Drink recipes with pictures, searchable by ingredient. Ideas for cocktail parties, advice on becoming a bartender, history of liquors.
Everyday Drinkers
How-to videos for mixing cocktails, including user requested recipes. New product reviews and articles.
Everyday Drinking
Blog about making cocktails, entertaining at home, visiting bars, and new trends in the bar scene.
A mixed drink recipe database searchable by ingredients, a cocktail community, and a cocktail culture blog.
Recipes, recommendations, and boozy adventures.
Hungry Again
A food and cocktail blog.
Information on setting up a home bar, glassware and glossary of common terms. Cocktail recipes and games, and a discussion board.
In The Spirit
Spirit magazine. Recipes, bartending tips, and monthly features.
International Bartenders' Association
Parent organization for bartender guilds around the world. Recipes and news about international competitions.
Jimmy's Cocktail Hour
Cocktail blog. Recipes, reviews and cocktail news.
King Cocktail
Advice on bartending, selection of cocktail recipes, and on-line shop for bar equipment.
The Libationer
Recipes, reviews, news, and general discussion about cocktails, wine, and beer.
Liquid Persuasion
Cocktails, history, writing, art.
Liquor and Drink
Liquor reviews, drink recipes, and articles on bartending and cocktail culture.
Guide to cocktails and spirits, covering new products and drink recipes, trends in the cocktail industry, bars, and events.
Make Cocktails at Home
Cocktail and spirits training for the home drink enthusiast. Based on professional bartending methods and techniques.
Make Me A Cocktail
Hundreds of cocktail recipes, instructional videos on bartending techniques, history of selected cocktails and liquors.
Mattoni Grand Drink
Drink database. Cocktail recipes, news and events, community forums.
Cocktail recipes and alcohol articles by Elizabeth Dodwell.
Lifestyle magazine devoted to the martini cocktail and focused on the art and science of living.
Moscow Mule Company
Recipes, tips, news and guides regarding the Moscow Mule.
Oh Gosh!
Adventures of cocktail enthusiast Jay Hepburn. Recipes, history, discussion of cocktails and other alcoholic drinks.
Salvatore Calabrese
Award-winning bartender Salvatore Calabrese's personal cocktail recipes, hangover cures, and explorations of cognac.
Science of Drink
Features recipes with picture instructions, cocktail comparisons and histories. Also available in Russian.
Search for the Ultimate Mai Tai
All about the Mai-Tai cocktail. Reviews, recipes, and stories.
Shake And Strain Blog
Cocktail culture news, interviews with mixologist and master distillers, emphasis on craft cocktails.
Small Screen Network
Cocktail expert Robert Hess mixes up classic cocktails and demonstrates bar techniques.
Cocktail recipes, searchable by type or flavor, along with reviews of UK cocktail bars. Mixology news, recipe finder based on available ingredients.
Spirits and Cocktails
Jamie Boudreau presents his own cocktail creations from Vessel, including various forays in to molecular mixology. UK
Classic cocktail recipes and advice. Interactive recipe suggestion engine.
Selected cocktail and drink recipes, origins of certain cocktails, articles on the Sacramento dive bar scene, Sacramento bartender interviews.
Thirst Magazine
Online drinks journal of cocktail culture and mixology in South East Asia.
Top Friends Cocktail Club
Information on how to set up a bar and mix drinks. List of 100 classic recipes.
Topix: Cocktails
Headline links about cocktails from media sources worldwide. [RSS]
Trek By The Glass
A blog about cocktails, spirits, bar reviews, and travel reports.
Try Cocktail
Cocktail recipes with handy tips and tricks for the home bartender.
The United States Bartenders Guild
Information about International Bartenders Association events, history of the guild and an online version of Bartender magazine.
Vinspire UK
UK drinks blog covering cocktail and wine culture. Recipes and food pairing advice.
The Vodka Party
Collection of vintage cocktail recipe promotional pamphlets from the 1960s and earlier. Old school cocktail recipes and advertisements.
The Webtender
Recipes, forums, bartending and beverage information.
Whisky Magazine
Whisky based cocktail recipes. News, forums and information on the whisky industry.

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