This category contains sites which focused on providing rated reviews of different beers.

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2 Blokes with Beer
Podcast dedicated to reviewing fine and craft beers available in Australia. Produced every two weeks.
Andrew's World of Brews
In depth reviews of hundreds of beers from around the world. Read opinions, get ratings, make better decisions. Never buy a bad beer again.
The Beer Retard
Personal reviews and tasting notes.
Features brewpub and microbrewery reviews in the Midwest and beyond. Includes resources, games, discussions, and a forum to submit poetry.
Offers reviews with the type of glass used, location purchased, estimated calories and collage of photos in addition to tasting notes.
The Brew Club
Beers are exchanged among club members who then write reviews. Also offers topical information and beer-related articles.
Brian's Belly
Beer reviews for the man that likes to sit, drink and eat. Includes recipes, articles, humor, and merchandise.
Buttle's Beer Blog
Features reviews of craft and imported beers. Based in Western New York State.
Dave Brockington's Tasting Notebook
Detailed reviews originally posted to Includes background and rating system.
For the Love of Beer
Personal beer tasting notes.
John Lock's Beer Ratings
Simple ratings of beer organized by brewery, name, style and rating.
A Microbrew Review Blog
Reviews of micro- and craft brewed beers in a weblog format.
Mike's Beer Ratings
Personal opinions on a selection of beers.
Ohhh... My Head...
Beer ratings organized by rank, country, style, and alphabetically. Also includes photo gallery, FAQ, and guide to finding good beer.
The Opinionated Beer Page
Plain-language beer reviews sorted by country. Also offers user ratings, beer humor and trivia.
Quantum Beer Foam
Beer tasting notes in the form of a weblog.
The Springfield Beer Review
Reviews of imports, microbrews, and specialty beers with slight emphasis on beers from around Washington DC and Northern Virginia. Includes history, links, and quotes.
Thom's Beer Blog
Reviews of beers with personal observations.
Wesi's Beer World
Brief tasting notes and ratings of beers from Switzerland, United States, Mexico and United Kingdom.
Belgian and Bubbly
A look at Belgian beers. Includes descriptions of the tastes and the brewing process, and comments on new beers made in these same styles by American brewers. [Atlantic Monthly] (March 01, 1998)

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