Information on brewing beer at home. Includes links to beer styles and recipes, brewing techniques, and equipment.

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Bathtub Brewers
Craft brewing site with real-time chat, forum, and recipes.
Beer Tools
Beer recipe calculator, home brewing discussion forum, news, and recipes.
Biohazard Lambic Brewers
Jim Liddil's excellent resource on brewing lambics.
Black and White Brewery
This site is for anyone interested in home brewing, full mash brewing and making equipment for brewing. Also information on the Dublin South West Home Brewing Association.
Homebrewing recipes and articles on hops, grain, yeast, brewing techniques and brewing equipment.
Brewer's Lair
Provides brewing resources and tools, recipes, reference information, style guides, and trivia.
The Brewery
Information on homebrewing beer and mead with a library section, recipe database, discussion board, and homebrew club list.
The Brewing Network
Multimedia resources including podcasts and videos. Schedule, archives, discussion forum, chat, and events.
Dedicated to the science of home brewing. Recipes, articles, products, online brew log, forum. Free registration required for some features.
CNN: In-Depth Food - Homebrewing
Offers an overview of the history of the craft beer movement and homebrewing, information on equipment and ingredients, a biography of homebrewing guru Charlie Papazian, a glossary, descriptions of styles, and a tutorial with Quicktime videos.
A beer-centric travel blog and food interest site with brew pub profiles, homebrewing information, and recipes.
Giles Brewing
Homebrewing and private microbrewery in Tulare, California. Includes photo gallery.
Glenn Tinseth's Hop Page
A collection of hop information.
How To Brew - The Book
A complete online book that will teach the reader how to brew beer at home. It covers both malt extract and all-grain brewing, and explains the science behind the brewing processes. Free.
Indiana State Fair Brewers' Cup Competition
Includes results of annual competition, entry form and guidelines, and photos.
Mr. Goodbeer
Offers homebrew troubleshooting and repair advice.
Oliver and Geoff's Homebrew and Beer Page
Homebrewing tips and recipes, reviews of beers from around the world, style guide and a list of Australian breweries.
The Powers Home Brewery
Pictures and descriptions of a Herms home beer brewing system. Also includes beer brewing calculators, recipes, and homebrewers biography.
Includes a list of frequently asked questions posted to rec.crafts.brewing, involving home beer making.
A homebrew resource, complete with recipes, tips, forums, news, directory, and links.
Weasel Breweries
Homebrewed humor from the Monks of Ann Arbor Abbey. Homebrewing techniques, recipes, labels from the Fraternal Order of Brewers Minor.

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