This list includes food blogs and directory sites which have recommendations and reviews on Malaysia food.
A Malaysian who travels for food around Asia.
Alan's Makan & Makan Angin
Engineer blogging on his food trips and oversea trips.
Babe in the City - KL
Husband and wife team blogging on dining trips and food events mostly in Kuala Lumpur.
Bangsar Babe
A girl who's passion involves eating, traveling, writing and trying new food places.
Black Tie, White Lie
An engineer working in Singapore who loves food.
Team of 4 foodie friends blogging on food and events.
With a personal heritage infusing France, Indonesia, and Malaysia (and with a lengthy stay Stateside) it's hardly surprising that Alexandra who currently resides in Malaysia knows her sambal from her shallots.
Chillout, Soulout & Freakout
Critical reviews of the most popular restaurants and dining places in Malaysia.
A Daily Obsession
A mum of three kids writing on wholesome homemade food and dining places.
Dish With Vivien
Raw unedited food journalism, informative site with price of food items eaten mostly in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.
Eat Drink KL
A space for everyone who loves eating out in KL.
Eat First Think Later
Bringing you all the yummy delights in Malaysia.
a feast, everyday
Revolves around a family of seven living in Sabah and snapshots of their food adventures.
Food For Thought
Online portal for information on lifestyle essentials such as fine dining restaurant reviews and high quality dining guides.
Food Munchin' in Malaysia
A talented sketcher leisurely blogging on her chowing down hearty meals, with snippets of her drawings.
Food Point Of Interest
A GPS friendly Malaysian food blog.
Leading us a delicious trail in the Klang Valley.
Malaysia's online dining guide which is comprehensive and frequently updated.
Latest food promotion and offerings in Malaysia.
Go Eat Out
Provides up to date restaurants promotions, information and reviews of more than 2000 restaurants in Kuala Lumpur.
A food and entertainment portal that provides comprehensive searchable listings of restaurants, bars and cafes in the Klang Valley area.
hAppY HapPy
Male food blogger from the construction industry.
Hungry Go Where
Food and dining guide that covers recipes and restaurants, and online reservations in Malaysia.
Ipoh Mali Talak Sombong
Originates from Ipoh, but have since relocated to KL bringing you good food finds.
Ivy Story
Terrific baker who has an exquisite quest for good food, mostly Kuala Lumpur restaurants.
Jules Eating Guide to Malaysia
A jet-setter rounding up good eats in Malaysia and beyond.
A Malaysian couple blogging on latest food raves in town.
KL people KL food
Malaysian in Singapore blogging on food from both countries.
Bilingual in Chinese and Mandarin, an informative food blog.
Lingzie's Tummy Treats
A reputable food blogger from the Island of Penang.
Lots of CRaVings
A young working guy bringing you good eats in fine restaurants.
Food trips in Malaysia, GPS and POI waypoints included.
A mom of 4 boys who had written for numerous publications but prefer to write on her own blog without having her writings edited, focus on food finds in Penang hawker stalls and home cooking ideas.
Malaysian Flavours
A Malaysian food blog featuring reviews of restaurants and hotels.
Malaysian Foodie
A comprehensive guides on food, travel and hotels in Malaysia and beyond.
Mark's Makan
Food blog started in November 2005, frequently updated with Kuala Lumpur restaurant reviews.
Masak Masak
Comprehensive reviews of eating places in Malaysia accompanied with great photoshots.
Mimi's Dining Room
Happy go lucky gal bringing you yummy food reviews from Malaysia.
Motormouth From Ipoh
Food blogger in mid 20s brings food finds in Malaysia and from his overseas trips.
neko hime blogs
Dining in fine eatery which tickles her palate.
she, the epicuriousgirl.
Twenty something Malaysian Chinese girl who enjoys her food and documenting it with a digital camera.
He loves Penang hawker food, travel and photography.
She loves cute food.
We Ate This
focusing on food mostly in KL and surrounding areas.
From Penang hawker food to restaurants.
A Whiff of Lemon Grass
Food blog navigational by area and great closed up shots of food.
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