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A.Z. Plerp Company
Website dedicated to collectors and fans of the 1960s Jumble-Fits / Cluster Puzzle series of puzzles.
Australian Viewmaster and 3D Page
Photos and history of ViewMaster, SightSeer, PhotoScope and other stereoscopic 3D items from Australia and around the world. Includes lists of viewers and reels as well as items for sale or trade.
Chester O'Chimp Central
Information and pictures of Chester O'Chimp, the talking toy made by Mattel in 1964. Includes recent auction pricing and collector guestbook.
The history of the Golliwog from Florence Upton to the present day includes The Museum, a pictorial review, and the story of Robertsons preserves.
Judy's Old Wood Toys
Collector's site for old wood toys from the 1920s and 1930s. Features photos and articles from many knowledgeable collectors. Toys lists and parts exchange pages.
Kids Era
Collectable toys from the 60's through the 90's, including The Muppets, Care Bears, My Little Pony, and Roland Rat.
A private collection of vintage Marx Toys including Johnny West and friends.
MBCA - Mechanical Bank Collectors of America
Non-profit organization dedicated to expanding the knowledge and availability of antique mechanical banks. Includes history, and membership information.
MJ Thompson's Mattel Thingmakers
Collector shares images of Thingmaker and ToyMax Creepy Crawler molds. Includes storage, cleaning, and mold information.
Mom and Pop's Vintage Toys
The Maulers are established sellers of mint-in-box vintage toys, including dolls, guns, models, character toys and board games.
Mooseman Live Steam Toys
Collectors site containing information and pictures pertaining to the operation, restoration and collecting of vintage live steam toys.
The Naff Gift Shop
Online shop with cool and retro toys and other kitsch items.
Par Puzzles
Puzzles past and present. Provides purchasing information as well as history.
Sam's Toybox
Personal collection of vintage toys from the 1960s and 1970s. Includes Power Shop by Mattel, Metal Molder diecast factory by Toymax, Thingmaker, Incredible Edibles, and Strange Change by Mattel. Provides pictures.
The Space Station
Collectors site devoted to Mattel's Major Matt Mason series from the 70's. Includes stock list, photos, sound effects, history and links to purchase these toys.
Tribute site to the original 1965 Wham-O Super Balls. Includes history, facts, pictures, and availability.
This Old Toy
Provides information to collectors of Fisher Price toys from 1931 to present. Offers sales, and wanted list.
Tick Tock Toys
Archives of vintage popular culture items such as toys, fast food and cereal premiums, cartoon characters and Disneyana.
Time Warp Toys and Collectibles
Offers early play items from 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. Includes Beatles, Batman, TV, movie, cars, cowboys, space, and Worlds Fair. Includes pictures.
Tinplate Toys for Collectors
Online collectors shop for tinplate clockwork toys.
Ultraman Toy Collection
Features rare Ultraman vinyl Japan dolls. Includes details on where to find these toys. Provides information on "Japanese Toy and Model" magazine.
Where the Toys Are
Antique and vintage toys from Victorian period to baby boomer collectibles including battery, character, dolls, action figures, and vehicles. Includes pictures.
Wild West Toys
Vintage and reissue cap guns, toy guns and western toys.
Wisma Antik
Dealing in vintage tin toys, porcelain dolls, antique advertising, and other collectable items from around the world.
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