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Information about collecting toy soldiers and related civilian figures and animals is the focus of this category. These figures are often but not always to scale, and have been in production by various manufacturers for centuries. While most figures can be used for gaming, you will find smaller scale gaming miniatures in the related Miniatures category. Retailers of figures may be found in the Shopping subcategory.

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The Army Men Homepage
Personal page focusing on army men, cowboys and indians, knights, and spacemen. With free battle game rules.
Collecting Toy Soldiers
Personal page and resource for collectors of old toy soldiers manufactured worldwide including medieval, composition, world war, wild west, and Napoleonic.
Flats - Zinnfiguren
Specializes in information about tin flat figures including galleries of painted flats, galleries of artwork depicting uniforms, collector reference information, manufacturers, and links.
Flickr: Plastic Toy Soldier
This group is intended to be focused on plastic toy soldiers, excluding expensive collectibles, articulated ones or military goodies. Image gallery for collectors and fans.
Collection of toy soldiers in Medieval, Renaissance, 18th Century Wars, Napoleonic Wars, 19th Century Colonial Wars, and U.S. Civil War dioramas hand painted by military historian Joseph Carvalho III.
Playset Addict
Features the diorama photography of Joe Baker.
Randy's Toy Soldier Catalog
Features a collection of Britains figures.
Richard Lewis The Zooman
Collection includes lead, plastic and composition zoo animals of British, German, Danish and French manufacturers from multiple eras.
Includes links and a gallery of boxed sets of plastic soldiers.
The Toy Soldier
Features tips for display and gallery. Pennsylvania dealer with a local shop, no online sales.
Toy Soldier Gallery
An online gallery featuring Hausser, Elastolin, and Lineol composition series.
Toy Soldiers Gallery
Features collection of 54mm toy soldiers cast and painted by hand by Australian collector, John O'Brien. Includes soldiers from varied time periods with pictures.
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