Inspired fans who create, collect, construct, sculpt, mold, and build all types of Lego themes, models, and sets.

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3T: Technic and Trains by Ton
Provides a Lego Technic reference list and a Lego 9V Train Reference list. Also, links to trades and auctions, and a want list.
Ardjans YALP: Yet Another Lego Page
Features a scanned Lego cardset, the CD-Rom catalog, and pictures of pirates set and a Technic shuttle.
The Bi-wing Baron's Lego Airport
Features a 'quizlet', news, Star Wars set, downloads, and a Lego cursor.
A large collection of Lego projects with photographs and description, including technic, space, mecha, town, and sculpture. Links to BrikWars.
LEGO brick mosaics, sculptures, plans and building tips/tricks
Dave B.'s Lego Site
View Dave's main themes, Lego Technic, and robotics. Features 3D models, books, and Lego creations.
Dave's Lego
Photographs, description, and links to Lego models and projects. Provides summary and statistics information and complete set list.
Dwayne's Lego
Includes trade and sale items, current Lego library project, and train photographs.
Eric Kinglsey's Lego
Includes original space, town, castle, and train creations. Also, a LEGObet designed in LDraw may be downloaded. A NELUG member.
The Foundry DX
Celebrates the creation of models using the medium of Lego. Some content original while other is based on fictional and non-fictional creations.
Frank's Lego Page
Original creations or MOC pages featured. Includes work details, photographs, discussions of castles, pirate, space, town, and train themes.
Freight's Lego Page
Photograph gallery with details provided. Current project includes plans for 'The Dark Town'. Biography, guest book, and links available.
Gerald Swanson's Lego Creations
Links to photographs of train model, an 87 inch long trestle, space shuttle, and drawing programs.
Showcases original Lego creations including space, trains, and towns. Features news, CAD, and links.
Idleworm Lego Models
A Gothic Revival mansion, the Salyut 7 space station, and the Apollo Lunar Lander featured.
Inosuke's Lego Amigo Cinema
Movie panels from The Matrix, Monty Python's Holy Grail, Doverman, Desperado, and Star Wars Trilogy. Part of a Japanese site.
Jason's Brickburg
Instructions for alternative models using pieces from official sets. Includes space, town, and castle creations.
Lego Combine by Tyler Mierau
A Spectrum 1998 first place winner. The 3000 piece model runs just like a real combine. Pictures and details provided about the project.
Lego Realistic
Cars, trains, spaceships, robots, and Lego versions of Christian parables: The Gospel According to Lego and The Good Bellvillite.
Mark's Front Page
A compendium of tips for Linux users, PIC programmers, STAMPers, Lego builders, Mindstorms hackers, and amateur robotics fans.
Mladen's LEGO Creations
Creations about mecha, spacecraft and ground vehicles.
Paul Foster's Lego Page
Pictures of town vehicles, fire trucks, and train-based support vehicles. Includes a link to a trade page.
Peter Guenther's Lego Creations
Photographs and description for Lego projects from Adventurers, Space, Aquazone, Star Wars, Castle, Town, and Train sets.
Playing again with Lego
A gallery of creations built with Duplo and Lego bricks.
Sean's Lego Pictures
R.E.B.E.L. Files includes pictures of monster truck, dune buggies, airfields, mountains, and weaponry. Also, U.S.S.E stolen files and weapon information.
Sergei Egorov's Lego
Pneumatics and gear pages with detailed technical information.
T.J.'s Unique Lego Technic Creations and Ideas
Various crane and bridge models, ideas, and links. Biography and contact information available.
Tim Drage's Lego a-go-go
Bizarre Lego creations and movies by Tim Drage and Tony Mines
Download LEGO instructions and catalogs from the 1950's to the present time. Search by theme, year or number.
Original creations, space models, cars, trains, and robots featured. Pictures of LegoLand Billund, shareware downloads, guestbook, and links.
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