Considering the tens of thousands of movies, television shows, and comic books that have been produced, the scope of toys made from these productions is rather limited. This is where customizers come into play. Is there a comic book or movie hero you have always wanted to have on your shelf, but it has never been made? Many people have had this same problem, and have come to a simple solution: make it yourself!

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Arkenyon's Custom Figures
Three galleries of DC, Marvel, and Mortal Kombat figures, along with articles on articulation and using clays.
Custom Action Figure Forum
Join in fun, free-wheeling discussions of all aspects of customizing with your fellow customizers.
The Custom Coalition
A creed of ethics by which toy customizers work and showcase their creations.
Custom Creator's Custom Figures
Marvel, DC, and GI Joe customs complete with recipes.
DGM Toys Exclusives
Collection of customized action figures including Batman, Star Trek, and Star Wars customs.
Evilface's Custom Figures
This site is filled to the brim with custom military figures. Evilface does an incredible job customizing, and he even includes a tutorial so you can make figures just like him!
Inanimate Objects
Customs toys in the DC animated style. Also an informative FAQ and host of the Custom Coalition.
Iron-Cow Productions
Huge, high-quality site for DC and Marvel superhero customs! Each figure features a photo gallery and a recipe for making your own!
Jin Saotome's Dangerous Toys
Custom figures site with a picture gallery and great tutorials for all of your customizing needs.
Custom Action Figures, and Comic Book Heroes. Home of the CustomCon custom action figure shows, and other custom action figure galleries.
Custom 3 3/4 G.I. Joe figures and vehicles. Features multiple galleries from various customizers, message boards, guides, tools.
Mandalorian Treasures
Large custom gallery as well as information about current toy lines.
MattMan's Custom Figures
Ken and his son Matt work together on custom comic book heroes and villains. There are many pictures of their collection of over 100 figures.
The Qui'ote Files
Enter the world of Oui'ote and Status Q. Custom action figures of original characters. All based on the Stikfas afk.
Red Dragons Lair
Customizing site, showcase your custom work here and chat about yours and others customs!
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