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For a toy to be considered an "action figure", it must be more than a static piece of plastic. By "action", it implies movable parts - be they shoulder, elbow or knee joints, or a swiveling head or waist. In collector's jargon, these movable parts are called "points of articulation".

Action figures also include accessories (weapons, tools, clothing and vehicles) and action features such as combat moves, battle damage, transformation, and electronic light-up eyes.

In other words, if the figures have no moving parts they are not considered "action figures". This includes all of the following: statues, sculptures, and static (non-moving) figures of metal, plastic, vinyl, resin and/or PVC.

Dolls such as Barbie are also not considered action figures. If they are larger versions of figures with real clothing and movable parts (such as Star Wars and GI Joes), they are referred to as 12-inch figures, not "dolls".

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