License plate collecting is a "niche" hobby similar to stamp collecting, coin collecting, etc. Collectors often specialize in specific years, states/provinces/countries, themes, or variations.
Andy's Crate of License Plates
License plates available and wanted.
B. C. Plateman
Eclectic collection of Canadian, U. S., and Mexican plates, c. 1970 to present. List of plates available and wanted.
The Back Bumper
Collector Jon Upton specializes in plates of Ontario and Italy. Many images of obscure Ontario special event plates; trade and want lists; webmaster's "two cents" opinions.
Barbara Jo Birt
Collector specializing in Washington license plates.
The Bear's Den
Information and pictures of Canadian license plates from Yukon, Nunavut and the Northwest Territories (NWT) plus some Queensland graphic plates.
Michael C. Wiener, license plate hobbyist and researcher of motor vehicle licensing systems.
Bill Phillips Jr.
Personal introduction to the collector; favorite plates; plates available and wanted.
The Bolthole
Collector Nick DiFonzo presents his worldwide collection and a History of Texas License Plates
Bruce Bufalini
Introduction to Bruce's collection; images of recent graphic plates from each U.S. state and Canadian province.
Dave's California License plates
Collector Dave Hindman buys, sells, and trades old and unusual California license plates. License plate registration information, California plate data, want list.
David's License Plate & Autograph Page
Personal introduction to collector; license plates wanted and available.
Elvin Godbehere
Collector from Texas offers recent plates (c. 1990 and newer) for trade.
Eric Taylor
Collector specializing in U. S. and Canadian plates c. 1904 to 1923, with an emphasis on early city- and county-issued plates. Special section on early Hawaii plates.
Glenvil Roberts
Personal introduction to the collector; eclectic worldwide gallery.
J. D. Adams
Iowa collector specializes in plates of the central United States; plates from 1966.
Jim Moini
Collector showcases his collection of New Jersey plates, c. 1903 to present. Also truck/apportioned plates; plates of Mexico and South Africa; plate-related collectibles.
Keith's Plate Page
Collector from Georgia; license plates wanted and available.
License Plates Plus
Collector specializes in recent North American plates, Olympic-related plates.
Lijnis' Dutch License Plate Page
Collector from the Netherlands. Images of plates from around Europe and beyond.
Marc-Andre Morin
Collector from Québec. License plates wanted and available.
Collector concentrating on Tribal plates, current and recent U. S. graphics, and 1952 plates. Plates wanted and available.
Plate Heaven
Collector specializing in New Jersey optional plates.
PlateGuy's License Plate Trade Page
Collector from Washington specializes in passenger and motorcycle plates of the U. S. and Canada.
Ralf Hegewald
Collector specializing in plates of Germany, Iceland, and the United Nations.
Rick Kretschmer's License Plates
Images and detailed information about U.S. license plates, with emphasis on plates from Maryland, Pennsylvania, and the year 1959. Also includes trade and want lists.
Royce's Alaskan License Plates
Collector-researcher presents images of plates and details of issuance such as related legislation, personalized plate rules, descriptions of special types.
A Small License Plate Collection
German collector specializes in recent U. S. plates; special issues.
Steve Grove
Collector specializing in antique/historic vehicle license plates.
Steve's Porcelain Plate/Sign Trade Site
Collector Steve Gaj specializes in porcelain license plates and signs; also older tin license plates.
Texas License Plates
Collector David Babcock presents passenger and non-passenger types.
Tom Smith
Collector from Virginia focusing on motorcycle plates; porcelains; Virginia plates.
Ulrik DeNeve
Belgian collector presents his worldwide collection; trade list.
USA License Plates from Belgium
Collector from Belgium specializes in plates of the United States.
Vicenç Figueras
Spanish collector focuses on license plates of Spain and Europe.
Walker's Military License Plates
Collector Lynda Walker specializes in military-related plates.
Ontario collector specializes in personalized plates.
Yellky's License Plates
Polish collector Grzegorz Labe collects plates on a worldwide scale.
Yvanhoe's License Plates
Belgian collector specializing in New Mexico counties, New York 1974-1986, handicap plates, plates of 1950.
Zul's Plate Page
Collector from Utah specializing in motorcycle plates and Utah plates. Plates wanted and available.
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