Animals On Stamps
Postage Stamp Zoo displaying stamps on Animals.
Australian Flora on Postage Stamps Home Page
Information and illustrations of all Australian postage stamps depicting Australian flora. Site by the Australian National Botanical Gardens
Bears on Postage Stamps
Provides checklists of bear stamps issued through 2015.
Beetles on stamps
A site about Beetles on stamps listed by family and country.
Bone and Stone, Echoes of the Past in Philately
Philatelic exhibit dedicated to the Neanderthal and their world. It includes other prehistoric men and stoneage cultures using material from stamp collecting to illustrate the theme.
Cats on Stamps
Collection of Cat on stamps indexed by country
Catstamps Mailing List - Everything on Feline Philately
Yahoo Group for thematic collectors interested in Feline Philately (Cats - domestic and wild)
Cryptozoology and Philately
Explore the fascination world of Cryptozoology
Dinosaurier und Fossilien
Fossils and Dinosaurs on stamps.
Dogs on Stamps
A collection of dog stamps worldwide in every breed
Indonesian stamp issues related to the environment.
Fauna on Stamps of the World
Provides images of stamps picturing animals.
Federal Duck Stamp Program
Federal Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamps, commonly known as “Ducks Stamps,” are pictorial stamps produced by the U.S. Postal Service for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. They are not valid for postage
Fish Stamps
List of stamps picturing fish can be sorted by scientific name, common name, and issuing country.
Giraffe Stamps
Site whose stated purpose is to catalog every giraffe-related stamp ever issued provides information and images.
Horse Stamps
Unique Collection of Horse Stamps from the World.
The Illustrated Catalogue of Dinosaur Stamps
An illustrated catalogue of postal stamps featuring dinosaurs.
Just Animal Stamps
Worldwide collection of beautiful fauna stamps.
Meteorite Stamps and Coins
Stamps and Coins on Meteorites, Comets and Craters
Mineral Stamps
Focuses on stamps picturing rocks, minerals, and gems.
Pictures stamps depicting mountains, mountaineers, and volcanoes, and tells stories about each subject featured.
Mushroom Stamps
Lists and illustrates mushroom stamps alphabetized by issuing country.
National Birds on Stamps
National Birds of the world on stamps
Nature Flona Stamp
Blog describes plants, animals, and landscapes pictured on stamps.
Old Beeg's Waterfall Stamps of the World
Site illustrates stamps picturing waterfalls.
Provides checklists of stamps picturing dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals, along with paleontologists and anthropologists.
Philatelic Mineralogy
Images of stamps picturing gems, rocks, and minerals can be browsed by issuing country or mineral name.
Pib's Virtual Stamp Collections
Focuses on metorites and on legendary and extinct animals.
Collection of Reptile and Amphibian stamps listed by species and country.
Rock and Fossil Stamps of the United States
Rock and Fossil Stamps of the United States
Sea Turtle Postage Stamps of the World
Dedicated to Sea Turtle Postage Stamps of the World indexed country and species wise.
Sobralia & Stanhopea Orchids on Stamps
A complete listing of all known Stanhopea and Sobralia orchids on stamps, with photos.
South African Birds on Stamps
Stamps featuring Southern African Birds, particularly those birds that appear in "Roberts Birds of Southern Africa".
Stamped Out
Prehistoric life forms and fossils on stamps, indexed by species with catalogue numbers
Sylvestre Buoro's Rhino-Stamps Collection
Presents postal issues and related material picturing the rhinoceros, plus unrelated issues from several Central Asian countries.
Theme Birds on Stamps
Information related to collecting birds on stamps. Presenting BirdStamps - the complete listing of whole world bird stamps issues.
Tits and Chickadees on Stamps
Information about titmice, birdhouses and stamps with titmice.
Turtle and Tortoise Stamp Collecting
Describes and illustrates stamps picturing turtles and tortoises with lists organized by country.
Turtle Species on Stamps
Features checklists of turtle species, and provides images of stamps picturing certain types of turtles.
Volcanoes on stamps
Volcanoes on stamps with regional valcanoe maps
Waterfall Postage stamps of the world
Dedicated to the waterfall stamp collectors. Check list of stamps on Waterfall, waterfall stamp information, Waterfall stamp resources, and general information on waterfalls.
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